A Review of 'A Book In Every Home' by Edward Leedskalnin

  The following is a review I posted on Goodreads recently. 

 I stumbled upon this book in my garage and took it with me hoping I had found something interesting. I was not disappointed. Leedskalnin was a fascinating man. I agreed with very little he wrote. He was a sexist and a fascist with uptight ideas about raising children. At times while reading this book I thought of the females I know who have been abused or bullied and felt a deep anger. This man lived a solitary and isolated life. His most unpleasant beliefs seem to be largely a product of limited human connection and powerful frustration. I cannot say that I truly dislike the man.

  In fact some of the things the book has to say I find very agreeable. Leedskalnin argues that one should not believe things without evidence and that to do otherwise leads to weakness. He says that much ancient wisdom is untrue. He encourages hard work and careful thought. Pages are left blank so that the reader can make their own arguments see if they "can do better" than Leedskalnin. This willingness to test the world around him and be tested in return is in my opinion truly honorable. 

  If you're interested in reading something old, filled with old fashioned and eccentric ideas, by a man who meets those descriptions to a t, this is the book for you.
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