Creepypasta and Doctor Who

Recently I've become very involved with the creeepypasta wiki. If you don't know what a creepypasta is allow me to explain. A creepypasta is an online horror story intended to be both highly share friendly and as the name implies creepy. Popular pastas which you may have heard of include Slenderman and Jeff the Killer (which actually kind of sucks). Anyone can write a pasta so I did. I've actually written a few. Currently I have four up on the wiki. I'll tell you a little bit about each of them below and provide links to the wiki. Feel free to comment any thoughts you might have either here or on the wiki itself.

1. Twisted Metal Love

   This was actually the first pasta I posted I posted and also in my opinion one of my better stories. It's available on this blog but the version on the wiki is slightly improved. The story is about a man who buys a robotic wife. It follows there relationship as it dissolves into hate and sadistic torture. You can send it to someone you have the hots for with the message "This is how you make me feel." It's a regular fifty shades only I tried to make it good.

2. A God Fearing Man

 A lot of the same ideas in Twisted Metal Love are touched on here. It's narrator is a very similar man to the narrator of TML, It's setting is however very different. It takes place on a farm in the south.  It was loosely inspired by the true story of Ray and  Faye Copeland (the oldest couple sentenced to death in the United States).  It's a bit romantic in places and as you may have guessed touches on the relationship between religion and morality.

3. The Savages

  It's no secret that I am fascinated by what societal taboos and what people will do to stay alive. The Savages is about a woman and her two small children. They live in a world where the weather is harsh and unforgiving, humanity is an endangered species and the law of the jungle is the only law left. It's unusual for me because it was written in the third person.

4. The Kissing Bug

I won't give too much away about this one. The main character is a gay teenager with a dead mother and a cold and detached father. He gets dragged to a party by his only friend and then some strange stuff happens.

  As you may or may not be aware Doctor Who returns September 19th. Here is the trailer for what will be the ninth season of the revived series. I will be reviewing the first and final stories of series 9 as well as any others which I find especially thought provoking. Have a lovely day if that is at all possible.