Dumbledore and Gandalf Bravely Fight Evil with Love

      On Sunday two great bearded wizards united not for a battle or to vanquish some dark force but instead in the name of love itself. That's right, on Sunday June 8th, 2015 Albus Dumbledore and Gandalf tied the knot. Even more interestingly this magical union took place not in Hogwarts or Middle-earth but instead at the Equality House located closely to the HQ of The Westboro Baptist Church (a center for racism, homophobia, treason and the brainwashing of impressionable youth). 

    This all came after J.K. Rowling the author of the widely beloved Harry Potter tweeted a meme which proposed that Dumbledore and Gandalf as an interesting non-canon couple. In the 
language of today's Muggle youth she shipped them. Naturally as soon as the illiterate and deranged leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church finishing screwing their cousins and checked twitter they were outraged to find something as unholy as joke and set to work stopping people not agreeing with them by typing words and sending them to Rowling. Needless to say these were bitter and unpleasant words with no real value. Somehow the church's brilliant plan failed and Rowling the bestselling author and literary genius was able to respond in such a way that they were made to look like fools. 

   Aaron Jackson, the founder of the nonprofit Planting Peace (which created the Equality House) 
thought that Dumbledore and Gandalf really did seem right for each other and so  he organized for a wedding to be held. Unfortunately Gandalf  and Dumbledore were both unable to make it so they had arrange for actors to play them instead. Still it was a festive and cheerful occasion and a real fairytale wedding. 

When anybody tells you that the characters you love in books or films or televison aren't real or calls you a fool for loving them remember this. Remember that these characters can be real. They're real when and where it matters. They are what we stand for and they stand for us. They remind us what we believe and how to fight and to be brave in situations which we've only ever imagined facing before. Whether it's the Doctor or Batman, Gandalf or Dumbledore these heroes are important. They help us fight  real world evil. This isn't dementors or death eaters. It's not orcs or giants. It's people who are prejudiced and want to tear us apart and consume us just because we're not them. We are the people who believe in magic even when we know it's not real. We can be the heroes we love just by standing up and doing good in their honor. That's what they would want from us. 

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