'Tusk' Review

Have you ever thought to yourself "Why aren't there any good movies about people being surgically transformed into walruses set in Canada?" If you have then 'Tusk' just might be the movie for you. Kevin Smith's film 'Tusk' is a film with a deliberately campy feel. At the same time it is legitimately scary and dark and has a lot to say about relationships whether they're between a stranded man clinging to life and a Walrus or two lovers who are growing apart.

The gist of the plot is simple. Wallace (Justin Long) is a young and rather douchey podcast host  who lives in America and travels to Canada to interview a guy who accidentally injured himself playing wit a sword in an online video. Once in Canada Wallace discovers that the guy he has come to interview has committed suicide. Rather than give up and accept having nothing to talk about in his next podcast Wallace finds a man named Howard Howe who is looking for a boarder in his large home and claims to have many stories to tell. He visits Mr. Howe (Michael Parks) who drugs him and begins transforming him into a rather grotesque looking Walrus.

 A few reviews I've looked at focus on the radical shift in tone and feel that comes  roughly halfway through the movie when Johnny Depp's character is introduced. This is at first a return to a more pure campy feeling as the main story slowly becomes darker. Depp's character Guy Lapointe is a former detective who has devoted his life to hunting Mr. Howe who is a notorious serial killer. Depp's character is incredibly eccentric and at first hard to take serious. Having read some particularly negative reviews I was ready for him to ruin the movie for me. This was not the case. Guy becomes more complex when he reveals he had come into contact with Mr. Howe without realizing it and now lives with extreme guilt for the lives that have been lost.

  Speaking of characters who are more than they seem. Mr. Howe has lived  a long and 'interesting' life. He was orphaned as a child and used by various authority figures and other children sexually and for personal gain. This is implied to have left permanent emotional scars. Later he becomes stranded on a small island with only a walk named Mr. Tusk for company. They became close friends. Unfortunately as food became scarce and hunger took over he was forced  to kill and eat eat Mr. Tusk. Shortly afterward a ship arrived and rescued Mr. Howe. This is what ultimately drives him into insanity which brings him to change unsuspecting people into his departed giving him a chance to live again.

 At the heart of this movie is the relationship between Wallace and his girlfriend  Allison (Genesis Rodriguez). Wallace cheats on her pretty much every chance he gets and she in turn is romantically involved with Teddy (Haley Joel Osment) the co-host of his podcast . Allison feels that Wallace has become distant from not only her but also the person he once was, Wallace no longer cries as he doesn't not feel this is manly. He has become cold, totally selfish and uncaring. What he goes through makes him no longer a man but somehow I believe a better person. Maybe those two can work it out. That is if Allison has some kind of Walrus fetish.

'Tusk' is a one of a kind movie.  . It's different in a really brave and interesting way. It's the sort of thing that probably wouldn't exist without marijuana. I encourage all horror fanatics and enthusiasts of the weird to see 'Tusk.' After all man is a walrus at heart. Let's all put two flippers together for Kevin Smith's 'Tusk'.

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Hannibal Season 3 News

   Zachary Quinto who is best known for playing the least popular canon version of the character Spock is set to appear on the third season of Hannibal. Quinto is no stranger to the horror genre, having appeared on two seasons of American Horror Story. Quinto's character Dr. Thredson remains a fan favorite.

  Given Quinto's history in horror and his impressive skill as an actor it is easy to imagine many ways in which he could be a great asset to 'Hannibal' in the future.Unfortunately it appears his time on the show may be very short. At this time we only know that he will appear for at least one episode as a patient of Dr. Maurier. I for one hope to see him play a major and recurring role. New characters have been known to meet rather sticky ends in the past.If that is to be the case hopefully Quinto's Vulcan flesh it to the liking of Dr. Lecter.

 On another casting note it has been released that Michael Pitt will not be returning to the role of Mason Verger. Pitt is to be replaced by Joe Anderson who you might know from the film Across the Universe. The part has previously been taken on by Gary Oldman in the Silence of the Lambs sequel Hannibal. While Oldman and Pitt both performed admirably as Verger I think it will be good to have a new face or lack thereof in the role. Hannibal will return to our screens on Thursday June 4th.

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Of Cats and Killers

  For awhile I have run a Tumblr which focuses on a very particular niche, I take pictures of cats I find online and edit them so that they contain quotes from convicted serial killers. I try to make the quotes applicable to the pictures if at all possible.

 Ted Bundy was a necrophiliac serial killer who targeted young women who lured to their deaths with his extreme charisma and good looks. He is known to have been active from 1974 to 1978 but his tenure as a killer could have been significantly. At least thirty deaths are attributed to him. He is one of the best known serial killers of all time.

David Berkowitz also known as the Son of Sam was a delusion murderer who claimed to have received orders from a demon which appeared in the unlikely form of his neighbors dog. Berkowitz is currently imprisoned for six consecutive life terms and is born again christian. He likes to be callled the Son of Hope.

Richard Ramirez was a well known serial killer, rapist, and burglar. He broke into people's houses and shot them. Because of this he earned the nickname "Night Stalker". He committed his crimes in the greater Los Angeles area.

Jeffery Dahmer was notorious for killing, dismembering, and raping men and boys. (Not in that particular order, but the raping usually came post mortem) He  killed a total of 17 people over the course of 13 years before ultimately being caught. He was later beaten to death by another prisoner.

Albert Fish was a rapist and killer who had an obsession with the practice of cannibalism. He primarily targeted children, but also murdered multiple black and disabled people. He was called among other things the Werewolf of Wysteria and the Boogeyman.

John Christie killed women in the 1940's and 50's. When the bodies of three of his victims were found hidden in his kitchen and his wife's body was removed floorboards of his front room he was arrested. He was hung on July 15th 1953.

 On April 3rd of 2014 Tommy Lynn Sells was given a state order lethal and soon thereafter slipped into oblivion.  He was convicted of twenty two murders but the police he  was responsible for many more.Aside from murder Sells also had a long history of drug use and lesser violence. 

Carl Panzram was a nasty piece of work. He killed at least twenty one people and claimed to have forcefully raped a thousand men. He was hung on September 5th, 1930.


       Get ready for something adorable.

Irmgard Swinka is the only female killer to make it to my Tumblr so far. She poisoned five women.

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