Supernatural "There's No Place Like Home" Review

I'll admit going into watching the most recent episode of the Supernatural "There's no Place Like Home" I was worried. The trailer had my favorite character Charlie Bradbury behaving very strangely. Supernatural has a long history of killing off beloved characters and Charlie's death didn't seem incredibly unlikely. Look the episode "There's No Place Like Home" did not bring Charlie's death. It did however bring up some good points about human nature and the necessity and beauty of imperfection  This episode presents Sam and Dean with a very peculiar problem.

   Charlie has been split in half. She is two highly dysfunctional people. One Charlie is completely innocent. The other Charlie is a murderous badass representing the dark side. I've got to say I'm quite pleased with how the show handled the philosophical question of what makes us who we are. Early in the episode Sam and Dean are looking into Charlie's past. Sam suggests she was deeply trouble and Dean refuses to believe him saying she was a good kid. The truth of  course was always somewhere in between.

  The episode ends with Dean nearly beating the dark Charlie to death and in effect doing the same to her other side. The "good" realizing the necessity of a dark act murders the evil wizard of Oz and becomes whole once again. After healing some Charlie leaves Sam and Dean Charlie leaves vowing to help Dean with the Mark of Cain which is causing his own darkness to grow to an unhealthy degree.

   Charlie is a strong, badass female character who pushes boundaries and is incredibly lovable. This episode is incredibly effective because it examines her on every level. It does not sugar coat anything or make humans out to be simple monsters. This episode shows us that the end we all must have darkness and light inside ourselves  and we should not fight that fundamental aspect of our nature. Thanks again Felicia Day for another great episode of Supernatural.

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