Lizzie's Cosplay Interview

I recently contacted a young Danish cosplayer named Lisette. She is primarily Doctor Who cosplayer and she's incredibly talented. I emailed her some questions and she got back to me the other day. If you have interest in cosplay and or Doctor who I urge you to read on.

1 What is it about Doctor Who that appeals to you?
I love the morals in it. It teaches the way of life; how we shall treat each other and what goodness mankind can have. It’s not only about a man traveling in a box, but it’s about love and loss and sacrifice. I love the personality of the Doctor and I like that even though he is a rolemodel and a hero, he is not always nice. He is just an alien. It’s exciting to, through the companions eyes, to discover other adventures and to explore the Doctor. I have never been a big fan of Sci Fi but there is just something about Doctor Who that really caught my attention.

2 Why is it that you decided to become involved with cosplay? i have always loved dressing out and did it every chance I had. I didn’t knew about cosplay before I had entered a costume completion on facebook for fun with my Rose Cosplay (which were the reason for how I got my first ever cosplay) and I have loved it ever since. Never understood how big it was until I attended my first convention and saw just how popular cosplaying was and through the compliments I got for my cosplays, my interest grew bigger.

3 You most frequently do variants on the character of Rose Tyler. Do you relate strongly to Rose?
Both yes and no. she is way more secure and cocky that I could ever be but I do somehow relate to her through the series and she just grew on me. I think it’s the difference between her and me that does that I love cosplaying her so much. It’s always fun to be able to be a complete different person than who you normally are.

4 Do you have a personal favorite Doctor Who story? Oooh that is a tough one. I think it has to be Water on Mars because I just love the darkness and the change in the Doctor through that episode. It is so much more different than a typical Doctor Who story and even though I love Rose, I find the stories where the Doctor is on his own (like Midnight and the Specials) more interesting.

5 How long does it typically take for you to complete a cosplay? it varies. Most of my cosplays are bought so it all depends if I need to find it before a con or if I have the time. If I have the time I can be very patient until I find the right alt or better, the SA piece. If I don’t have long I am going for what I can find on the time and hope it will be okay for it but I always prepare at least 2 months before a con. So all in all it takes me between a week and a year to complete a cosplay. I still have many half finished cosplays which I am just waiting to complete.

6 If you were to join the Doctor in his travels where would you want to visit first? Hmmm good question. I think I am more interested in the future than the past. Not my own but just to see how the world evolves and I would of course love to visit other planets. But there has never been a certain moment on my mind when people have asked me the question. I would love to go anywhere as long as it would an adventure.

7 Are there any cosplayers you look to for inspiration?
I look up to all the cosplay friends I have. They are amazing and have always been there to help me including my boyfriend. I never looked for inspiration in particular at anyone. I like to run my own show and put my own touch to my cosplays but I am always open for ideas and help. One of my favorite cosplayers though has to be Starbit Cosplay as she is so talented and is a born chameleon. Haven’t seen a character she couldn’t look like and I can’t help being a bit proud that we are both Scandinavians.

8 If you had to choose a franchise other than Doctor Who to cosplay what would that be?
I think it would be Harry Potter and Marvel but it’s difficult to say as Doctor Who is mainly my life. I have always been a Harry Potter fan so I can’t help starting on that one and I have always wanted to cosplay Black Widow from the Avengers. One thing I also wanna try and cosplay is horror characters as I am a huge horror fan. I am planning on doing a Saw cosplay for Halloween.  

9 Of all the cosplays you have done so far which have you found most difficult to complete?
The ones I have found most difficult must have been those I chose to get SA pieces for. Finding SA clothes can be quite difficult especially for Rose and some pieces are rarer than others. I waited a year to finally get my hands on the School Reunion Jacket which is my all time favorite. Another cosplay which is still not complete is the Girl in the Fireplace because I am very picky with selecting jeans and I haven’t found the right ones yet.

10 What characters are you currently working on? I am not working on anything at the moment but I am keeping my eyes out for pieces to my Fem!Master cosplay and I am hoping on starting on my Poison Ivy cosplay soon which is going to be the first cosplay I am going to make myself.

And that's all from this impossible girl. If you want to see more of her work you can visit the Lizzie's Cosplay Facebook page on which she posts frequently. Thanks for reading. If you wish to see more of what this blog has to offer you can follow us using Google plus, subscribe or like Sentience on Facebook. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments. Run!

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