My Journey Into and Out of Religion

   I know all of you are so interested in what has been going on in my life since my last post so I'll key you in. I have been getting out of religion. It's true, Brandon is entirely done with religion in general and never wants to go back because he is enjoying his life so much right now! I had no idea what all I was missing. I had no idea how good cigars were before I threw religion out my window.  I have learned so much about myself and cigars in these past few months. I've even learned about my sexuality, about bars, and about what not to do while intoxicated. America!!
   A couple months ago I went to my first gay bar and loved it though I'm not quite sure where I fall on the sexuality spectrum at the moment. I'm glad I finally started to wake up and live my life without the shackles of religion pulling me down and dictating the parts of life that are so important like sexuality.  I never would have considered going to a gay bar because my religion said no. Not a very fun or fair way to live your life I have found.
  This whole coming out of the darkness phase happened after I looked at the world around me in 20/20 vision. I started asking myself the important questions like why am I here? How did we get here? And my favorite, why is there so much suffering? The last one did it for me and religion along with my whole high school experience. After high school that was it for me and the religion train. I still believe in God but I don't consider myself religious anymore and don't plan to anytime in the near future. It's way to inhibiting. It blocks the creative self in each of us.
  Religion can and is used in wrong ways everyday. Every circus has it's clown just like every religion has its radical. That's what makes it so dangerous. Not always but a great majority of the time it is dangerous, so I don't plan on brainwashing my children with it anytime soon. I do plan on living the best life I can and enjoying while I am here the rest of my life.
  This article is going to piss a lot of people off I can see it now, so I just want to say that this is the United States of America and I think everyone has the right to practice any religion they choose and do anything they want (within reason) this article is merely a collection of my opinions and what has worked for me.
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