My Eternal Love for Harry Potter

I recently reread the first Harry Potter book. Unsurprising it is still incredibly awesome. It's a great book. It's the most popular books ever. Honestly if when its all said and done Harry Potter is what are species is remembered for I can live with that. But why do people love the series and its characters so much? What is it people connect to?                            

For me Harry Potter is something which is very dear to my heart. I think part of that might be because I always felt that I was very different from most other people. From a very young age I imagined leaving all the Muggles behind and making friends who were like me. I think a lot of kids have felt that way. Another reason I like the series is that it really teaches a lot of great life lessons but in a way that's accessible to a lot of people. Kids know nazis are bad but when they read about Voldemort and the death eaters it can feel a lot more real to them and make them understand how horrible people can be to one another. Rowling chose to tackle the big issues and that's something which can be pretty risky for a children's book author.

 J.K. Rowling not only showed kids what real evil looked like but she also showed them the value of love and of friendship, Harry Potter is about being brave even when you're scared. It's about beating the bad guys but it doesn't over simplify things. Tom Riddle was a sad little kid and the man Harry though tried to kill him during his first quidditch match turned out to be one of the bravest and most heroic characters in the entire series.

Harry Potter is a fairy tale that in my opinion has a lot more truth to it then most religious texts. J.K. Rowling opened the door for millions of people to invite magic and creativity into their lives. Sadly I will most likely never get my Hogwarts letter but I have learned a lot more important things from Potter than I was ever taught in Muggle school. Thank you J.K. Rowling.

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