"Deep Breath" Review

 Last night's episode of Doctor Who began a new era for the long running and highly popular program. We have a new Doctor in Peter Capaldi and the show now has an overall grittier tone. "Deep Breath" features the return of the clockwork droids who are far creepier than they were in Tenannt's era. While they pose a very unsettling threat the story is driven largely by Clara's feelings regarding the Doctor's regeneration as well as the Doctor's difficulty settling into his new form.

 Capaldi's Doctor is just as eccentric as Smith's but in a very different way. He is someone reminiscent of Tom Baker and Chris Eccleston's Doctors. He's also clearly got a bit of Hartnell's portrayal in him. This is not to say he does not to say Capaldi doesn't bring anything of his own to the character. To the contrary we see a new sort of humor and a somewhat threatening distant side to the Doctor. It also should be noted that the Doctor is now a cross Scotsman.

   While I am still in mourning for Matt Smith's Doctor I eagerly look forward to the next installment in Capaldi's run and hope you do as well. I will be touching on some of the more spoilery aspects of "Deep Breath" in future posts.
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