Looking For Alaska News

It has been announced that the Dawn of the Dead director Sarah Polley will be taking on an adaption of John Green's fist book looking for Alaska. Green has professed his excitement at this news and stated that Polley has interesting ideas to take to the story via his twitter. Looking for Alaska is a very important book to me and it will take a lot for a moving to touch me in the same way the book did."Where did it touch me?" you ask. It touch me in the feels. It molested my feels and I am grateful for the experience.

Hopefully this develops into a fantastic movie which we can all weep at for years to come. I will be sure to post any casting news as it is revealed. If you have not read the book yet please do so. John Green is an extremely talented writer who will torture you beautifully with his words. Thanks for reading. Please try to avoid sudden death. Or don't. It's really none of my business.
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