Why Abraham Lincoln Would Make a Good Vampire Slayer

  Abraham Lincoln was one of the few presidents who would make an amazing vampire slayer. One of the many reasons why he would make a great vampire slayer is that he was tall. Tall people can be intimidating. He was an amazing president, and being president of the United States isn't an easy job; you have to be intelligent. Intelligence is required to be a good vampire slayer. A complete jackass wouldn't know how to slay a vampire. Not only that, but His suit was the perfect attire for a vampire slayer. 

  Paranoia alone wouldn't have stopped one of the most powerful men in the world from taking action, Lincoln wouldn't have stood for any vampire crap that's for sure. Lincoln loved animals, he wouldn't dare hunt an animal. Once he found out that vampires liked to suck the blood of certain animals he would be irate. He also liked to wrestle so he had to have been strong. It was reported that Lincoln could lift barrels full of apples and other things without much effort at all. You have to be strong to be a good vampire slayer. 

  Few people know that Abraham Lincoln had a séance conducted after his son died. Losing his son almost made him go mad. This alone proves that Abraham Lincoln must have been a believer in the world of the occult. He wouldn't slay vampires if he didn't at least believe in something that could survive death. Lincoln almost took part in a duel so we can conclude that he was most definitely courageous. Cowards don't slay vampires.

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