The History of The Gay Rights Movement

  As I sit at my computer right now there are probably all kinds of gay rights protests going on. I am a libertarian so this is fine by me. Before we get into this let me just say that gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender persons should have the same rights as us straight people to marry. There is no reason under the stars why they shouldn't. This isn't the 1940's (thank God), it's 2014. Also, if you're a bigot please don't read this post. I'm all for freedom of speech so email me if you have a problem with anything written here and I will try to reason with you about why this post is correct.

  The common goal of The Gay Rights Movement is for social equality for individuals who identify as gay. The movement seeks to create new laws that allow for gay marriage which I think is a damn good thing. Let me just say that The Gay Rights Movement wants nothing to do with "heterosexual conversion therapy" as I like to call it. Individuals are born gay, Science proves it. I don't care if some nut out on the street holding up a cardboard sign saying "learn or burn" has to say, so if you're that type of person email me, don't spam the comments section.

  Everything else aside, it's time to talk about the history of The Gay Rights Movement. Back in 18th century Europe being gay was not cool folks. If you were caught having sexual relations with a person of the same sex you could be put in jail. As silly as it sounds it's true. However, Jeremy Bentham was a courageous voice that said no more criminal punishment for gay people. Not long after this, Ancient and Modern Pederasty Investigated and Exemplify'd was published. It was written by Thomas Cannon in favor of Homosexual law reform. During the 1870's more and more people began to speak out in favor of homosexuality. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was one of these wonderful people who were brave enough to let their voice shine bright.

  Let's fast forward a bit to the 19th century. During the 19th century a magazine called The Girlfriend was published which just so happened to be aimed towards women who identified themselves as lesbian. After World War II The Gay Rights Movement flourished. The groups that arose couldn't understand why people were so judgmental and couldn't see why people couldn't understand that gay couples did indeed love each other. In 1962 a Gay Rights parade was performed in front of Philadelphia Hall. During this time period many famous people were published in magazines and labeled as gay which might have made it a little bit more socially acceptable in societies eyes. During the 1970's and 1980's those in favor of gay rights emphasized that gay individuals were just like straight individuals except for their sexual practices. In other words, they were still men and women. In 1973 Walter Cronkite, a famous journalist during that time did a broadcast on homosexuality. This changed how we view homosexuality.

 Unfortunately, during the 1980's and all the way up to 2000 there was a huge AIDS dilemma, but that did not silence gay rights activists at all. People started many LGBT groups in high schools in the 90's which helped the LGBT movement a great deal. Today LGBT individuals are more accepted, but we still have a long way to go. In my opinion, the LGBT movement will turn into something like the civil rights movement and the government will have no choice but to comply with their wishes which is a good thing. Many people object to LGBT's because of their religious and political beliefs. Obviously I don't object to it because I am writing this post. If the public school system would do more to educate their students about LGBT rights we wouldn't have this much of a problem in society. In other words, most people are either uneducated about the topic or they were raised to believe that it is wrong to be gay.We are drawing to a close but before we go let's look at the science behind LGBT. In 2004 scientists found a gay sheep. They tested the sheep and found that the brain was engineered differently than sheep who were straight. So homosexuality isn't just found in humans it is found in many other animals as well. Scientists have proven that being gay is genetic it isn't a choice. Think about this for a minute who in their right mind who choose a lifestyle where you're bullied? No one in their right mind would. Homosexuality is genetic. If you are bigoted against gays there is a chance that you too might be gay it's okay to be gay!

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