The Heterosexual Agenda

Their is a group which has been invading our neighborhoods, schools and churches for some time now. They frequently voice their opinions without being asked and want to force their disgusting lifestyle on us.  They are working to corrupt our children and the society in which we live. These filthy people are known as heterosexuals. The heterosexual (also known as straight) community is a rapidly growing threat on the moral way of life. While television programs and films may portray the straights as harmless, intelligent and even compassionate people I feel that it is my duty to expose that as a lie.                                                                                                                                        
   They are hateful and bigoted people who hold strong beliefs with no regard for logic. They are not only unpleasant. They are also extremely dangerous, they are rapidly reproducing with no concern for how the Earth will support the human population . They use up our limited resources and pollute our environment. Not to mention that more than half of all STDS result from heterosexual intercourse. Frankly I do not understand why some choose to tolerate these illogical, immoral and stupid people. I sincerely hope you allow yourself to see things as clearly as I do. If at all possible avoid sudden death. Bye.

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