TFIOS Book Review


  It's no secret that I love John Green's books. Not only do I love his books but I also love the videos he and his brother make and much about him as a person. I am truly and with a doubt a nerdfighter.  I often say that Looking for Alaska is my favorite book. It was loaned to me by my step cousin and it through it I discovered Green's brilliance. Now it seems that much of the world has likewise been captured by his magic. The Fault in Our Stars  (TFIOS) is a brilliant book. It's about Hazel Grace Lancaster who is a sixteen year old girl suffering from cancer. She meets the charming cancer survivor Augustus Waters at a support group and that marks the beginning of a touching romance.

  John Green is honest about the world in which we live in but still manages to write uplifting prose highlighting meaning in the lives of all people no matter how brief. After all some infinities are bigger than others. TFIOS is not a cancer book. It is rather a book about realistic and wonderful people who happen to have cancer. The overall message is that we are alive until we aren't and that we must look for the good in our lives. TFIOS will be in theaters June 6th.  I plan to review the movie separately in the near future.


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