Tabitha Lyons Interview


 I recently contacted the amazing cosplayer Tabitha Lyons through Facebook to ask for an interview. I expected nothing to come of it and I was extremely thrilled and surprised when she responded. I emailed her some questions and in no time at all she got back to me. Here is my interview with Tabitha Lyons.

1 How and why did you get into cosplaying?
 I officially started cosplay in May 2012 though I have been dressing up since I was a little girl (larped since I was 8). I run a prop company with my dad called Artyfakes, we created a Skyrim inspired weapon range - and as soon as the photos hit the net, everyone was throwing around the word cosplay. I'd never heard of it before so I had to check it out!   

2 What is it that you enjoy most  about what you do?

 This hobby has done more for me then anything else I've done. I used be quite a closet geek un tagging photo's, not talking about my fandoms etc.. cosplay made me feel it was okay to be my self. Not only that cosplay has showed me so many people from all around the world that I can share my fandoms with.

 3 What are your favorite fandoms?  

I love my fantasy and sci-fi G.O.T Fire Fly etc.. I am also the biggest Supernatural fan!!!!

4 Any tips for aspiring cosplayers? 

First things first, HAVE FUN! Because THAT is what it is all about, the second thing.. Weatons Law. Don't be Dick That's it. oh and remember make up wipes at cons!

5 On average from start to finish how long does it take you to make a costume?
 As I work at Artyfakes I have to try and fit my own costumes in and around customers so it's always hard to say ..

6 If you had to permanently become one of the characters whom you have portrayed
which would you choose?
 WOW. That's hard never had been asked that question before . . first thought was Rogue. She is bad ass.. then I remember the no touching thing . . hmmm.. probably Daenerys so I can have pet dragons :D

 7 What do you consider the hardest part about being a cosplayer?  

Personaly, getting costumes done in time - there's never enough time! to this date I still havent made a costume for my self that isn't rushed. 

 8 If you weren't making and wearing costumes what would you want to be

Working in the film industry. doing the same thing ;)

9 Are there any cosplayers who've personally inspired your costumes or that you think particularly highly

  My Dad is my Senpai! He teaches me everything I know, I think he's a wizard. I absolutely love punished props, I would love to meet bill one day.

10 Are there any costumes that you are currently working on or thinking of attempting in the future?
  My materials for my Spartan (300) Cosplay has arrived I just need time to get to it!

11 What costume of yours are you most proud of?

  My Dragon born that my dad an I work on, It was the costume that started everything - technically as well with all of the intricate details.

 Tabitha Lyons costume

Rogue cosplay picture

Skyrim Dragonborn cosplay

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