Should There Be a Female Doctor?

Female 13th Doctor from Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal
Death (1999)

Recently there has been a lot of talk about one very well known man. His name is the Doctor and for over 50 years he has starred in a wonderful science fiction program which many across the world have come to hold close to their hearts. Doctor Who survives because of change. When an actor leaves the Doctor must go through an amazing and painful process known as regeneration in order become a new man. But what if it didn't have to be that way. In recent years a very large group of people have been calling for a female Doctor. Some fans will say that would be impossible because the Doctor is a man and does not regenerate into women but that's not actually hard canon. In fact it's been stated in the minisode "The Night of the Doctor" and the episodes "The End of Time" part 2 and "The Doctor's Wife" that Time Lords can in fact change gender through regeneration.

   With the possibility of a female Doctor established it becomes easy to see why people might begin pushing for one. After all their is a shortage of strong female characters in fiction sexism is still present in modern society. A female Doctor might just do a great deal of good for women and young girls in the real world. The argument still remains that somethings aren't meant to change. It is the view of some that the Doctor is fundamentally a man and should remain that way.

 I have enjoyed every canon incarnation of the Doctor so far and greatly respect the element of change which propels the show into the future. It is my opinion that a female Doctor could be absolutely fantastic for the franchise. The Doctor will always be the Doctor no matter what body they happen to be wearing. We need those in charge to focus on the talent of actors they consider for the role of the Doctor rather than unimportant details such as hair color, nationality, ethnicity or gender.

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