Is The Doctor a Good Man?

A new trailer has been released for the  return of Doctor Who in August. It features Peter Capaldi's Doctor asking if he is a good man and Clara stating that she doesn't know who the Doctor is anymore. As trailers go it's not particularly comforting. However the trailer does pose a good question. Is the Doctor a good man?

He has been responsible for so much destruction and is scarred by his past. It wouldn't be particularly shocking for someone to find it hard to adjust to starting a new life with all that darkness hanging behind him. The Doctor is a great man but he is not perfect and he has lived a long time. He can't help but questioning what he truly is. I for one am excited about the upcoming season and very interested in how the new Doctor/companion dynamic will be. My friend Andrew Mackay and I will review each episode as it comes out. Try to avoid sudden death.

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