X-Men Review Part 4 First Class

X-Men First Class is a prequel to the popular X-Men series of films. It features many major characters in their youth (or at least younger than typically depicted) and is set in a world which could easily develop into the politically divided and complex world which these characters will come to inhabit in the future. We get to see a Professor X and Mystique befriend each other as children and watch their relationship grow. Professor X displays some hormonal and fittingly youthful behavior as a young man while Mystique struggles with how she fits into the world around her.

Magneto's story is arguably one of the most interesting aspects of the film. He goes from a young boy in a Nazi camp to a man poisoned by anger. He has arguably noble goals but is prone to making sudden decision without regard for how they might play out. This has dire consequences.

Kevin Bacon is brilliant as Sebastian Shaw. Shaw is the former Nazi and mutant who spent years torturing a young Magneto. He wants to wipe genetically typical humans off the face of the Earth and he will happily harm his fellow mutants in order to do so.

Overall the story is strong (perhaps a little less so than the other movies) and the characters are interesting. Wolverine's brief cameo is in my opinion one of the best parts of the movie. It has a lot of interesting contributions to the film canon and is well worth a watch. For the love of God avoid sudden death!!!


Is The Doctor a Good Man?

A new trailer has been released for the  return of Doctor Who in August. It features Peter Capaldi's Doctor asking if he is a good man and Clara stating that she doesn't know who the Doctor is anymore. As trailers go it's not particularly comforting. However the trailer does pose a good question. Is the Doctor a good man?

He has been responsible for so much destruction and is scarred by his past. It wouldn't be particularly shocking for someone to find it hard to adjust to starting a new life with all that darkness hanging behind him. The Doctor is a great man but he is not perfect and he has lived a long time. He can't help but questioning what he truly is. I for one am excited about the upcoming season and very interested in how the new Doctor/companion dynamic will be. My friend Andrew Mackay and I will review each episode as it comes out. Try to avoid sudden death.

The Heterosexual Agenda

Their is a group which has been invading our neighborhoods, schools and churches for some time now. They frequently voice their opinions without being asked and want to force their disgusting lifestyle on us.  They are working to corrupt our children and the society in which we live. These filthy people are known as heterosexuals. The heterosexual (also known as straight) community is a rapidly growing threat on the moral way of life. While television programs and films may portray the straights as harmless, intelligent and even compassionate people I feel that it is my duty to expose that as a lie.                                                                                                                                        
   They are hateful and bigoted people who hold strong beliefs with no regard for logic. They are not only unpleasant. They are also extremely dangerous, they are rapidly reproducing with no concern for how the Earth will support the human population . They use up our limited resources and pollute our environment. Not to mention that more than half of all STDS result from heterosexual intercourse. Frankly I do not understand why some choose to tolerate these illogical, immoral and stupid people. I sincerely hope you allow yourself to see things as clearly as I do. If at all possible avoid sudden death. Bye.

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X-Men Review Part 3 The Last Stand

                                                                                                                                                                           X-Men The Last Stand  is the third film in the X-Men series. This movies sees conflict which had been building in the first two installments finally coming to a head. Jean Grey seemingly having made the ultimate sacrifice at the end of the second moving places all our heroes in a state of mourning. Cyclops displays the strongest signs of emotional pain. He lashes out against Wolverine and doesn't seem to be thinking clearly.                                              
                                                                                                                                                                             When  Jean returns Cyclops is briefly happy and then things take a turn for the worst. Jean isn't herself. She may never be the same again. Meanwhile a gigantic change is taking place in the world at large. The US government has announced a major development. They have the ability to "cure" people of their mutations. While some mutants see this as a blessing others are extremely offended by the idea. Magneto is particularly fearful of the proposed mutant cure. Soon violence begins breaking out amongst mutants. When the US government begins manufacturing cure guns some mutants feel they have no choice but to fight.                                                                                                                                This  film asks some big questions about what really makes us who we are and how are fear can blind us from the wrong we do. It is just as emotionally powerful as the two movies prior to it and it concludes the primary linear story of the X-Men film canon. I have only two complaints worth noting. The first is that Rogue could have used a slightly larger amount of focus. This is not a major issue as her story is well told. The second is that while the character of Wing is interesting the film could have made better use of him. For the majority of the film he did not serve much of a purpose. Of course he did help impact a major decision. I just think he should have done more.                             Overall X-Men The Last Stand is a fantastic addition to the series. I encourage you to check it out for yourself. Feel free to give your own opinions on the X-Men franchise in the comments. Please try to avoid sudden death. Goodbye.

The History of The Gay Rights Movement

  As I sit at my computer right now there are probably all kinds of gay rights protests going on. I am a libertarian so this is fine by me. Before we get into this let me just say that gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender persons should have the same rights as us straight people to marry. There is no reason under the stars why they shouldn't. This isn't the 1940's (thank God), it's 2014. Also, if you're a bigot please don't read this post. I'm all for freedom of speech so email me if you have a problem with anything written here and I will try to reason with you about why this post is correct.

  The common goal of The Gay Rights Movement is for social equality for individuals who identify as gay. The movement seeks to create new laws that allow for gay marriage which I think is a damn good thing. Let me just say that The Gay Rights Movement wants nothing to do with "heterosexual conversion therapy" as I like to call it. Individuals are born gay, Science proves it. I don't care if some nut out on the street holding up a cardboard sign saying "learn or burn" has to say, so if you're that type of person email me, don't spam the comments section.

  Everything else aside, it's time to talk about the history of The Gay Rights Movement. Back in 18th century Europe being gay was not cool folks. If you were caught having sexual relations with a person of the same sex you could be put in jail. As silly as it sounds it's true. However, Jeremy Bentham was a courageous voice that said no more criminal punishment for gay people. Not long after this, Ancient and Modern Pederasty Investigated and Exemplify'd was published. It was written by Thomas Cannon in favor of Homosexual law reform. During the 1870's more and more people began to speak out in favor of homosexuality. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was one of these wonderful people who were brave enough to let their voice shine bright.

  Let's fast forward a bit to the 19th century. During the 19th century a magazine called The Girlfriend was published which just so happened to be aimed towards women who identified themselves as lesbian. After World War II The Gay Rights Movement flourished. The groups that arose couldn't understand why people were so judgmental and couldn't see why people couldn't understand that gay couples did indeed love each other. In 1962 a Gay Rights parade was performed in front of Philadelphia Hall. During this time period many famous people were published in magazines and labeled as gay which might have made it a little bit more socially acceptable in societies eyes. During the 1970's and 1980's those in favor of gay rights emphasized that gay individuals were just like straight individuals except for their sexual practices. In other words, they were still men and women. In 1973 Walter Cronkite, a famous journalist during that time did a broadcast on homosexuality. This changed how we view homosexuality.

 Unfortunately, during the 1980's and all the way up to 2000 there was a huge AIDS dilemma, but that did not silence gay rights activists at all. People started many LGBT groups in high schools in the 90's which helped the LGBT movement a great deal. Today LGBT individuals are more accepted, but we still have a long way to go. In my opinion, the LGBT movement will turn into something like the civil rights movement and the government will have no choice but to comply with their wishes which is a good thing. Many people object to LGBT's because of their religious and political beliefs. Obviously I don't object to it because I am writing this post. If the public school system would do more to educate their students about LGBT rights we wouldn't have this much of a problem in society. In other words, most people are either uneducated about the topic or they were raised to believe that it is wrong to be gay.We are drawing to a close but before we go let's look at the science behind LGBT. In 2004 scientists found a gay sheep. They tested the sheep and found that the brain was engineered differently than sheep who were straight. So homosexuality isn't just found in humans it is found in many other animals as well. Scientists have proven that being gay is genetic it isn't a choice. Think about this for a minute who in their right mind who choose a lifestyle where you're bullied? No one in their right mind would. Homosexuality is genetic. If you are bigoted against gays there is a chance that you too might be gay it's okay to be gay!


X-Men Review Part 2 X-Men United (Spoiler Warning!!!)

                                                                                                                                                                      X-Men United is the first  sequel to the popular film X-Men. The movie leaves us in a world in which        mutant/"normal" human conflict seems inevitable. While Magneto's plan was a failure mutant rights are more of a hot button issue than ever before and just about everyone has an opinion. With growing pressure from anti mutant politicians and voters war seems to be fast approaching. To make matters worse the movie opens up with a mutant attempting to assassinate the president of the United States.          As the US government begins taking action against its mutant citizens the way of life for all of the  X-Men is challenged and they are forced to protect themselves actions fueled by hatred and ignorance. This movie perhaps even more than first highlights the flaws of man but still manages to keep itself fun.                                                                                                                                           While both Magneto and Mystique feature in this film the primary villain for the majority of the story is Colonel William Stryker. His son has psychic powers which resulted in the death of his wife. He blames his son, Professor X(who had once tried to help him) and by extension the entire mutant population for this. I find this character very easy to despise at the same time his motivation is completely understandable.      

                                                                                                                                                                        Stryker's plan is to use his own son  in order to control Professor X and through him destroy all the mutants on Earth. This planned genocide is highly reflective of Hitler's "Final Solution." While this serves to initially demonize "normal" humans the scenario is later reversed when Magneto gains control and the shared nature of the mutants and the rest of humanity is made highly apparent.                                                  While this movie is not without its share of darkness it has an overall uplifting message and is loads of fun. I highly suggest you check it out. Regardless of whether you do so or not I sincerely hope that at least for the time being you avoid sudden death.


X - Men Review Part 1 
This post is intended to be the first part of a series.  I plan to review all the movies in the X-Men film canon ultimately concluding with Days of Future Past. As non wibbly wobbly timey wimey tradition would have I will start at the beginning with the 2000 film X-Men. In this first movie we are introduced to Wolverine, Rogue, Professor X, Jean Grey, Storm, Cyclops, Mystique and of course Gandalf. I mean Magneto. These characters are fascinating not only because they are all full on badasses but also because they are all living in a world which seeks to destroy them. Their individual reactions to that unavoidable fact are what drive the story.                                                                              The movie is practically overflowing with political/social metaphors. This helps it feel more real to the audience who can as a result better understand what the characters are going through. This movie holds up a mirror to the world in which we exist. It's not always a pretty sight.                                                  Every character feels very real. We have strong writing and talented actors to thank for this. Our heroes are people with lives that are bigger than what we see on screen: Rogue is an attractive you girl who is very literally cut off from the rest of the world. Logan/Wolverine is a man who doesn't know where he's been or where he's going and isn't sure if he can handle either answer.  Patrick Stewart's Professor X has all the of Picard but with a greater wit and a hidden sadness.                                                                                           While Senator Kelly behaves extremely antagonistically for much of the film the primary villains are significantly more interesting. Mystique is a clever shapeshifter who has been persecuted her entire life for her natural appearance. Mystique is extremely loyal to Magneto. Magneto is perhaps Professor X's equal in every way aside from his compassion. He can manipulate and create magnetic field giving him the ability to control metal. He has been treated as an outsider because of this ability. He dreams of a world in which people like him don't have to hide and be treated as second class citizens. He is very willing to sacrifice the lives of others in the pursuit of this goal.                                                                                                X-Men is action, science fiction and superheroes at their best. It has a compelling story and characters who are each relatable in their own unique way. I'll try to get my next review up within the coming week. Feel free to give your own opinion on this movie or the series in general in the comments below. Please try to avoid sudden death.                                                 



5 Facts About Clinical Vampirism

If you're obsessed with drinking blood you might be a clinical vampire...

1. Clinical vampires are obsessed with drinking blood.

2. Clinical Vampirism is a mental disorder (no way).

3. It is rare for people to have this mental disorder.

4. Some serial killers (such as Richard Trenton Chase) have been known to have this disorder.

5. It is more commonly called Renfield's syndrom. Renfield was a human follower of Dracula as depicted in Bram Stoker's  original  novel


The Fault in Our Stars Movie Review


Right now their is one movie  that everyone seems to be talking about. The Fault in Our Stars is the film adaption of a John Green book by the same name. I have for the last couple years been a huge John Green fan and naturally have been eagerly awaiting this movie for months. I can say with great certainty that I was not at all disappointed with what I saw. Almost all of the book was there. There were a few small deviations from the source material but none of them detracted  from the depth and integrity of the story.

The cast was about as close to perfect as you can get. Shailene Woodley's Hazel and Ansel Elgort's Augustus are absolutely adorable together. Nat Wolff is very funny and genuine as Issac and all the characters are as alive and complex as they are in the book. I will confess to crying a little (well actually a lot) as Hazel gave her eulogy in  "the literal heart of Jesus" and I know I will do so many more times. This movie is an honest and heartbreaking story about love and life and the pain that they can bring. I strongly advise you to go out and see it today. Actually you should probably read the book first and maybe put on some clothes. But after that's done go see the movie and cry into your popcorn. You can thank me later.

“You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world...but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.” 

- John Green, The Fault in Our Stars 


Tabitha Lyons Interview


 I recently contacted the amazing cosplayer Tabitha Lyons through Facebook to ask for an interview. I expected nothing to come of it and I was extremely thrilled and surprised when she responded. I emailed her some questions and in no time at all she got back to me. Here is my interview with Tabitha Lyons.

1 How and why did you get into cosplaying?
 I officially started cosplay in May 2012 though I have been dressing up since I was a little girl (larped since I was 8). I run a prop company with my dad called Artyfakes, we created a Skyrim inspired weapon range - and as soon as the photos hit the net, everyone was throwing around the word cosplay. I'd never heard of it before so I had to check it out!   

2 What is it that you enjoy most  about what you do?

 This hobby has done more for me then anything else I've done. I used be quite a closet geek un tagging photo's, not talking about my fandoms etc.. cosplay made me feel it was okay to be my self. Not only that cosplay has showed me so many people from all around the world that I can share my fandoms with.

 3 What are your favorite fandoms?  

I love my fantasy and sci-fi G.O.T Fire Fly etc.. I am also the biggest Supernatural fan!!!!

4 Any tips for aspiring cosplayers? 

First things first, HAVE FUN! Because THAT is what it is all about, the second thing.. Weatons Law. Don't be Dick That's it. oh and remember make up wipes at cons!

5 On average from start to finish how long does it take you to make a costume?
 As I work at Artyfakes I have to try and fit my own costumes in and around customers so it's always hard to say ..

6 If you had to permanently become one of the characters whom you have portrayed
which would you choose?
 WOW. That's hard never had been asked that question before . . first thought was Rogue. She is bad ass.. then I remember the no touching thing . . hmmm.. probably Daenerys so I can have pet dragons :D

 7 What do you consider the hardest part about being a cosplayer?  

Personaly, getting costumes done in time - there's never enough time! to this date I still havent made a costume for my self that isn't rushed. 

 8 If you weren't making and wearing costumes what would you want to be

Working in the film industry. doing the same thing ;)

9 Are there any cosplayers who've personally inspired your costumes or that you think particularly highly

  My Dad is my Senpai! He teaches me everything I know, I think he's a wizard. I absolutely love punished props, I would love to meet bill one day.

10 Are there any costumes that you are currently working on or thinking of attempting in the future?
  My materials for my Spartan (300) Cosplay has arrived I just need time to get to it!

11 What costume of yours are you most proud of?

  My Dragon born that my dad an I work on, It was the costume that started everything - technically as well with all of the intricate details.

 Tabitha Lyons costume

Rogue cosplay picture

Skyrim Dragonborn cosplay


Gang Beasts Game Review


   Hello I'm Jacob Lavender one of the new writers for this blog. I'd like to tell you about this amazing game, Gang Beasts! Gang Beasts is a fighting game that is hilarious and fun. It is still in development but you know whats great? Its free! This game provides a fluid fighting system of punching, pulling, pushing, throwing, grabbing, and soon to come, ball kicking! Forget about Mortal Kombat X this is the fighting game you have to get! Throw your friends off Ferris wheels, grind them up or just throw them off a moving truck! Available for free on PC, Mac and Linux. Now go beat each other up!

Click HERE to learn more and download

The Godzilla Universe VS. The Star Wars Universe!!!


Why Abraham Lincoln Would Make a Good Vampire Slayer

  Abraham Lincoln was one of the few presidents who would make an amazing vampire slayer. One of the many reasons why he would make a great vampire slayer is that he was tall. Tall people can be intimidating. He was an amazing president, and being president of the United States isn't an easy job; you have to be intelligent. Intelligence is required to be a good vampire slayer. A complete jackass wouldn't know how to slay a vampire. Not only that, but His suit was the perfect attire for a vampire slayer. 

  Paranoia alone wouldn't have stopped one of the most powerful men in the world from taking action, Lincoln wouldn't have stood for any vampire crap that's for sure. Lincoln loved animals, he wouldn't dare hunt an animal. Once he found out that vampires liked to suck the blood of certain animals he would be irate. He also liked to wrestle so he had to have been strong. It was reported that Lincoln could lift barrels full of apples and other things without much effort at all. You have to be strong to be a good vampire slayer. 

  Few people know that Abraham Lincoln had a séance conducted after his son died. Losing his son almost made him go mad. This alone proves that Abraham Lincoln must have been a believer in the world of the occult. He wouldn't slay vampires if he didn't at least believe in something that could survive death. Lincoln almost took part in a duel so we can conclude that he was most definitely courageous. Cowards don't slay vampires.

The Jedi Code

Hello internet and welcome to Jedi Master Ryan Vickers' Guide to the Jedi! In this segment I will be discussing something different than my previous posts: Philosophy! The Philsopy of the Jedi is shown through the Jedi Code, which goes:

I will now explain each line of this as I believe it to be.

There is no Emotion, there is Peace: This means that you should not let your emotions get the best of you, and control them in order to have peace.

There is no Ignorance, there is Knowledge: Through listening and disowning bias, you gain the knowledge to get you through any situation. Don't be ignorant and let your feelings on a situtaion best you. Be the calm eye in the storm.

There is no Passion, there is Serenity: Pretty much the same as the first; Don't let your emotions get the best of you!

There is no Death; there is the Force: When one's body dies, we all join together in the spiritual force. There are two parts to the force: the living force, which depends on living beings; and spiritual force, the overpowering collective of the spirits of the departed.

In the next segment, I will discuss the philosophy of the rival opponent of the Jedi: The Ruthless Sith Order. Until then, I'm Jedi Master Ryan Vickers, May the Force be with you!


Should There Be a Female Doctor?

Female 13th Doctor from Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal
Death (1999)

Recently there has been a lot of talk about one very well known man. His name is the Doctor and for over 50 years he has starred in a wonderful science fiction program which many across the world have come to hold close to their hearts. Doctor Who survives because of change. When an actor leaves the Doctor must go through an amazing and painful process known as regeneration in order become a new man. But what if it didn't have to be that way. In recent years a very large group of people have been calling for a female Doctor. Some fans will say that would be impossible because the Doctor is a man and does not regenerate into women but that's not actually hard canon. In fact it's been stated in the minisode "The Night of the Doctor" and the episodes "The End of Time" part 2 and "The Doctor's Wife" that Time Lords can in fact change gender through regeneration.

   With the possibility of a female Doctor established it becomes easy to see why people might begin pushing for one. After all their is a shortage of strong female characters in fiction sexism is still present in modern society. A female Doctor might just do a great deal of good for women and young girls in the real world. The argument still remains that somethings aren't meant to change. It is the view of some that the Doctor is fundamentally a man and should remain that way.

 I have enjoyed every canon incarnation of the Doctor so far and greatly respect the element of change which propels the show into the future. It is my opinion that a female Doctor could be absolutely fantastic for the franchise. The Doctor will always be the Doctor no matter what body they happen to be wearing. We need those in charge to focus on the talent of actors they consider for the role of the Doctor rather than unimportant details such as hair color, nationality, ethnicity or gender.

TFIOS Book Review


  It's no secret that I love John Green's books. Not only do I love his books but I also love the videos he and his brother make and much about him as a person. I am truly and with a doubt a nerdfighter.  I often say that Looking for Alaska is my favorite book. It was loaned to me by my step cousin and it through it I discovered Green's brilliance. Now it seems that much of the world has likewise been captured by his magic. The Fault in Our Stars  (TFIOS) is a brilliant book. It's about Hazel Grace Lancaster who is a sixteen year old girl suffering from cancer. She meets the charming cancer survivor Augustus Waters at a support group and that marks the beginning of a touching romance.

  John Green is honest about the world in which we live in but still manages to write uplifting prose highlighting meaning in the lives of all people no matter how brief. After all some infinities are bigger than others. TFIOS is not a cancer book. It is rather a book about realistic and wonderful people who happen to have cancer. The overall message is that we are alive until we aren't and that we must look for the good in our lives. TFIOS will be in theaters June 6th.  I plan to review the movie separately in the near future.