She Could Still Hear the Violin Music in her Head (A Madoka Magica fanfiction)

This is my fanfic about gender bent Kyuosuke from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I loved writing this and most of the events are pretty similar to the show except that Kyuosuke is a girl named Kyoumi. Hope you like it! ;3

 The morning glow shined from the widow that sat by her side. It glowed with day as the heat from it made the thin sheets stick to her skin. A heap of long silver hair peaked from the surrounding paleness of her bed. The sudden fervor of warmth started to make her feel nauseous. She laid to her side stiffly, her long hair trailing behind her. She was starting to get tired, tired of it all. But the sun's light pried through her sleepy eyes. She almost shut them back when she realized where she was again. The sterile scent of this place invaded her nose. The hospital always smelled horribly of cleaning chemicals.
 The young grey haired girl could feel the sadness and hope that still lingered in the air. It would stay there like her hand that only moved so much to tease her of its incapabilities. It twitched again. She felt nothing but the constant memories of what wonderful music she use to be able to play. She was never good at moving on from these kinds of things because well, she never had to. And now she only found it harder and harder as she tried to press on.
 A tear glimmered in that glow of morning light like a sparkle of fresh snow. She was tired of crying. It only made it harder to adapt to it all. She made a fist with the other hand she could grip and buried her face in the stark hospital sheets to soak up her hopeless mess of tears. The sheets were all wrinkled, messed up and tear stained like before. That probably would make Sayaka upset again.
 Her friend Sayaka was going to come visit her today. She visited the most. After awhile everyone but her stopped coming. They all probably got tired of it. Kyoumi was tired of this hospital too. Sayaka was suppose to visit yesterday but she acted strange. She said something happened and that she couldn't come for some reason. Her voice sounded kind of scared and it wasn't like her to not tell her why, but she hoped that today Sayaka would clear stuff up and maybe make her feel a little better. She still cried though as these thoughts drifted through her mind. That thin string of faith she desperately held on to was starting to dwindle closer to nothing. Numbly in the back of her head, she knew it.
 As she gasped one more shaky exhale of cries, it suddenly got darker. She looked up to see the strange black outline that partially blocked the rays. The shadow somewhat resembled a cat, but she could tell it was something else. She brushed her silver hair from her face for her eyes of matching color to gaze at the alien creature. When she caught sight of it, it wagged its tail almost gleefully. She squinted her eyes to make sure she wasn't just seeing things that weren't there. It persistently stayed there outside in the windowsill. It was by far the strangest thing she'd ever seen. If it hadn’t moved she’d be convinced it was a tiny statue.
 It had a sleek white body similar to a cat's. It's long ears extending from its feline ones and each had a gold ring circled around them. It stared intently at her with its beady crimson eyes. The pointy tips of it's ears were faded to a light pink. It looked as if it was mentally pawing at the window. It looked like it was there for some purpose. She shuffled closer to the window and reached her working arm over to lift it. She didn't really know what made her do it. Curiosity? Boredom? Regardless, the little care she had vanished awhile ago along with the feeling in her hand. Maybe that feeling in her heart too. She wasn't really sure anymore, to tell the truth.
 She made a tiny cough in the inside of her elbow not knowing how to go about the cat-like thing she found. It jumped into her lap then started curling up in her sheets. She reluctantly stroked it with the back of her limp paralyzed hand. Losing herself for a second, a hum of her favorite song to play exited her mouth. She could still hear the violin music in her head. Then she looked down at it again. The feline creature looked content but did not purr. She wondered if it was even able to do so.
 A far echo voice entered her mind. It was emotionless but the tone didn't startle her. The fact that a different voice than her own had invaded her mind scared her though. In the corner of her eye, she saw her useless hand nervously twitch again. It shook slightly more this time as the outsider's thoughts emptied into her head.
"Hello, Kyoumi. I'm Kyubey."
 The feline creature looked up into her steel colored eyes that resembled the concrete pavement on the streets below them. Now they were more cold and uncomfortable like the metal railing around her bed.
 The voice that somehow knew her pierced her head again.
"I can grant you any wish you want if you make a contract with me".
 She realized now the voice was the animal that rested in her lap. She swallowed the lump forming in her throat and looked at the creature with bewilderment. A feeling she hadn't had in awhile filled her chest in that moment. Then she took a breath and thought of what could be. Her sharp concrete eyes fell to the window.
 The nurse had fixed the curtains back to try and brighten the room. She didn't care much for it though. It couldn't brighten up her spirit as they told her she'd never be able to play the violin again. That was her life, her only true talent. It couldn’t stop those tears. But as she looked through the almost blinding light, she wondered if maybe what she felt this time was hope...
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