Hannibal Mizumono Review

 I have recently become very taken with the Hannibal television series. While I do find the character of Will to be entertaining and complex Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal Lecter is nothing short of brilliant. Over the course of this last season his character has been beautifully explored through his friendship with Will and his romantic relationship with Alana Bloom. Their is no question of his humanity. He just happens to be a different kind of human.

 The tensions of Hannibal's second have been brought to a head with its recent finale. Will and Hannibal's relationship has finally gone full circle and despite all its consequences the truth is out. Their were very surprising revelations and beautiful moments of deep emotion.A major element of this
episode is a slightly less controlled and confident Lecter than usual. In Mikkelsen's performance we see a man who is not only a killer but also someone who loves and dreams and hurts.

    Following an emotional and dark confrontation we are left with two major cliffhangers which should if all goes well lead us into a wonderful third season.

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