Godzilla Girl Diaries Friday May 30th 2014

                                  Dear Diary,

Today I found the love of my life. My name is Barbara but, my friends call me Barb. Well nobody calls me Barb actually. When I moved to Japan for business five months back I experienced no strong emotions. I had nobody in America and I would have nobody anywhere else. Then I started making friends at work and for the first time in my life people seemed to genuinely like me.

  My girlfriends and I started going to this one bar after work everyday and then they began inviting me to parties. It was all really lovely at first until they started trying to set me up with different guys. The guys were all nice and I guess good looking enough. A couple of them were very rich. It's just none of them were ever really my type.

I was committed to the idea my life would be completely free of romance. I had forced all my friends to quit trying to find men for me and I was completely content. That all changed when I was walking home from the bar this evening and he caught my eye. I was taken with him from the very first moment I saw him. He was what I had dreamed of as a little girl. He was what the others could never be. He was a giant lizard. He was Godzilla.

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