Godzilla (2014) Review

Godzilla (2014) Review

By Rafael Coplin

I recently watched the new Godzilla movie and have decided to do a review on it, considering that my last movie review was more of a joke than anything else. The new Godzilla movie starts out very strong with a stellar performance from Bryan Cranston which lasts for about 40 minutes. After those 40 minutes the movie just becomes a cliche ball of not interesting it focuses on Lieutenant Ford (portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and his journey to get back home to his wife and child. He is also trying to help the U.S Army defeat the two monsters wreaking havoc on the United States. That drags on for about 98 minutes and then it gets to Godzilla doing what he does best beating the crap out of monsters and wrecking stuff... For about 12 minutes.

I personally went into this movie expecting to see a lot of Godzilla and other monsters battling on earth and causing massive amounts of damage. What I actually saw was pretty much the exact opposite I didn't mind it at first because Bryan Cranston's character was written into the plot very well and he executed the role perfectly. It's pretty much after Bryan Cranston's screen time that the movie begins to fall apart. It just gets so boring, it's like they filmed three different movies and then put them together to make one movie. There is a noticeable lack of Godzilla in this movie, he has less than 30 minutes worth of screen time which is unacceptable in a Godzilla movie.

About 95 percent of the movie is just a cliche family crisis story that's been done to death in the movie industry. Any time that there was a shot of Godzilla about to beat the crap out of another monster it would just cut away to the family drama. The movie does this about 6 to 7 times because there are only about 6 to 7 shots of Godzilla fighting before the final fight. They could of cut out so much of the unnecessary cliche crap and made the movie much shorter and much more enjoyable. They gave the actors, mainly Aaron Taylor Johnson, way too much screen time and did not give Godzilla enough screen time. This aspect just serves to highlight his less than stellar performance, which is odd because I've seen Aaron Taylor-Johnson in other movies in which he does a good job, but this isn't one of them.

Now with the parts that had Godzilla and monster battles they did a stellar job you can really tell how much money went into the special effects and CGI. Godzilla is beautifully rendered and I think this movie manages to capture just how massive Godzilla is he towers over pretty much everything. They did a very good job with the other monsters as well, showing off the attention to detail they took with some aspects of their social/ biological behaviors. They were off on some scientific areas, mainly with the larvae of the creatures, but no one goes to a theater for scientific accuracy, at least I don't.

In the end Godzilla wasn't a horrible flick it just failed to capture the spark that made the earlier Godzilla movies so fun to watch. If you are planning to watch Godzilla and expect to see tons of action, destruction, and monsters brutalizing each other a lot then don't bother going to watch it. My final verdict on Godzilla (2014) is a 6/10 disappointingly average. The movie had a lot of potential to be great, but just falls short due to how boring and uninteresting it gets.
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