German Herpes

Their is a crisis facing the youth of today. We are at war. Our enemy is not some army or destructive group. We are at battle with a silent killer. Our enemy is German herpes. If you are among the few who have not heard of this horrible STD let me inform you that it is no laughing matter. It is spread and manifests in much the same way as traditional herpes with some other very extreme symptoms. If you become infected with German herpes you will within three days begin to grow a small Hitler stache. After years of suffering you will begin to forget and reject all information relating to the period of time between January 30th 1933 and May 8th 1945.

  This disease can be spread through any sort of sexual act and all people are susceptible to it. It is said to have originated with Hitler himself but that is only probably true. In order to prevent contracting the disease one must wear a Nixon mask at all times when engaging in shall we say risky activity. Be safe and get screened regularly. The Nazis want inside your beautiful freedom loving body.

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