Fifteen Facts about Hitler and Five About Dracula

1. He had Syphilis.

2. Hitler was an Atheist.

3. He might have had Parkinson's Disease.

4. He was only 56 when he took his own life.

5.  Hitler fed his dog Blondie Cyanide before he died.

6.  He committed suicide.

7.  He had a German Shepherd named Blondie.

8.  He was imprisoned for a short period of time.

9.  He was an artist.

10. He liked to sleep late.

11. He served in the military.

12. He wanted to eliminate Christianity.

13. He was a vegetarian.

14. Hitler wanted the public to think that he was a family man.

15. He was a damn good public speaker.

1.  Vlad the 3rd, or Dracula, was the prince of Wallachia located in Romania.

2.  He would impale people and it is rumored that he drank  their blood.

3.  He killed 40,000 to 100,000 people throughout his life.

4.  He roasted children.

5.  Vlad the 3rd inspired Bram Stoker to write, Dracula. 

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