Fan Fiction And The Nature Of Creativity

Fan fiction is a subject which I once looked down upon. It seemed to me that it was better to be original than to copy. I thought that stories should be controlled by those who created them. I thought fan fiction was a waste of time to be completely honest.

As I've thought about it more I've come to realize we create our own versions of the fictions which we enjoy. Ultimately our perceived lies can be a kind of fiction. We all have our own opinions of what is and what should be. When we come to expect everything to be done as we would do it we will surely be disappointed. Fan fiction is someones creative energy taking inspiration from someone else's and making their own truth which be a great deviation from canon or fit perfectly within established events.

Humanity has been sharing and re imagining stories and characters for thousands of years. The ownership of stories is a relatively new concept.

Many people who seem to respect most forms of fan fiction have very negative attitudes towards slash fiction (fan fiction in which characters are placed into sexual situations). While many of the events described in works of slash fiction would be unlikely to take place in the original works which inspired them I still think that if it does no harm theirs no problem with it. Fan fiction can help ignite a creative spark which someone may never have known existed. Write responsibly everybody.

Post by: Matthew Gleason.
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