Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2 (PC) Review

By Rafael Coplin

Dark Souls 2 is a sequel to the game Dark Souls. I've put about 48 hours of time into this game and have finally decided to share my opinion on it. Now I do have this game on pc and Dark Souls is notorious for being a terrible port so does that still apply here? Well yes and no. Is the port as bad as Dark Souls? No, thankfully it isn't, but it isn't a great port either. The main problem is the key bindings the first problem is that they're still pretty awkward and the second is that the built in tutorial doesn't help. So if you're like me and you like a keyboard and mouse better than a wired pc remote then you're a little bit screwed.

All of the directions presented in the tutorial are given as Xbox 360 controller bindings such as A, B, X, Y or RT, LT, RB, LT and these directions are very confusing when you don't have a wired pc controller. I paid 50 dollars for this game I expect it to be a proper port but Bandai Namco can't be bothered to properly address the issue. So basically what they told me when I spoke to a customer support rep was to go drop 20 more dollars on a wired Xbox 360 PC controller so I can get the "Darksouls experience" whatever the hell that means.

Now onto the game itself is it unplayable? No is it annoying to play with the Xbox controller bindings? Yeah it is. Now the gameplay is pretty solid and challenging when fighting the first enemies (tutorial hollows) it is very easy to lose a substantial amount of health. From the first few minutes you can tell that this game doesn't give you a break which I personally love it's hard and unforgiving from the start. Now just because the game is difficult doesn't mean that it is frustrating because more often than not after dying for the one millionth time to the same enemy reveals yet another weakness/ flaw in their combat which can be exploited to finally kill the enemy the next time around. I love the way this game handles death and once you kill that enemy you get this sense of accomplishment and some pretty kick ass loot most of the time too.

Now another good thing about this game is the fact that if you're having trouble with one enemy another player probably had some difficulty with the enemy too. So they took a feature from the old game and made it better you and other players can leave little notes that give advice on how to kill a really difficult enemy. Now this sounds good on paper, but you'll always have idiotic jerks that leave notes in front of cliff faces telling you to jump for extra xp. Only to find that the extra xp is non existent and that a death fall awaits instead.

In conclusion even though Darksouls 2 suffers from some of the bad port qualities as it's predecessor it's still a good game that I would recommend to all hardcore gamers. The combat is difficult and very decisive but usually worth every second in the end. Sure the community is a mixed bag of trolls and genuinely helpful people and sure the whole Xbox controller issue is still annoying, but aside from those two things I give Darksouls 2 an 8/10. I do hope that you have found this review helpful and I'll see you online.
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