19 Facts About Stephen King

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors so here's 19 facts about him.

1. The paperback rights for Stephen King's first novel, Carrie sold for $400,000.

2. He is a Democrat.

3. He was rejected hundreds of times before he was finally published.

4. Stephen King believes in God but hates organized religion.

5. His daughter, Naomi King, is a minister.

6. He hated high school.

7. Stephen King was addicted to Cocaine at one point in his life.

8. He was an alcoholic and he attended Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings.

9. Stephen King wrote a book on how to write it's called On Writing A Memoir of the Craft.

10. He once worked as a sports reporter.

11. He has a Welsh Corgi named McMurtry.

12. He has a pen name, Richard Bachman.

13. Stephen King and his wife have three children.

14. He loves the Red Sox.

15. Stephen King lives in Bangor Maine.

16. He was hit by a car.

17. He taught English.

18. Stephen King IS NOT going blind contrary to what some people keep saying.

19. He is not a Twilight fan at all.
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