Fifteen Facts about Hitler and Five About Dracula

1. He had Syphilis.

2. Hitler was an Atheist.

3. He might have had Parkinson's Disease.

4. He was only 56 when he took his own life.

5.  Hitler fed his dog Blondie Cyanide before he died.

6.  He committed suicide.

7.  He had a German Shepherd named Blondie.

8.  He was imprisoned for a short period of time.

9.  He was an artist.

10. He liked to sleep late.

11. He served in the military.

12. He wanted to eliminate Christianity.

13. He was a vegetarian.

14. Hitler wanted the public to think that he was a family man.

15. He was a damn good public speaker.

1.  Vlad the 3rd, or Dracula, was the prince of Wallachia located in Romania.

2.  He would impale people and it is rumored that he drank  their blood.

3.  He killed 40,000 to 100,000 people throughout his life.

4.  He roasted children.

5.  Vlad the 3rd inspired Bram Stoker to write, Dracula. 


17 Must Watch Stories for any Whovian

1 An Unearthly Child - This is the first episode of Doctor Who and was broadcast on November 23rd 1963. It beautifully sets up the long running series and introduces both the now famous Doctor (as played by William Hartnell) and his granddaughter Susan.

2 The Daleks - This is the second Doctor Who story and introduces the Doctor's most iconic enemies.

3 The Tomb of the Cybermen- This is one of Patrick Troughton's Doctor's greatest stories and helped to inspire Matt Smith when he first took on the role.

3 Carnival of Monsters - This is an atypical serial for Jon Pertwee's Doctor who finds himself trapped along with his companion in a zoo of miniaturized creatures. This story sais a lot about important social issues and works well on the front of entertainment.

4 The Three Doctors - "The Three Doctors" brings the original three incarnations of our hero together for one adventure. While the first Doctor might not actually be physically present and some of the enemies may be incredibly cheesy this story is definitely worth a viewing.

5  Pyramids of Mars - Tom Baker is for many the definitive Doctor. In this story we see him battling robotic mummies and an alien death god alongside his beloved companion Sarah Jane Smith.

6 The Caves of Androzani - Peter Davison's Doctor seems to have been the original youthful and charming incarnation. This serial is his final story and is considered by many to be one of the greatest stories of the entire series. We see the Doctor make a sacrifice most anyone would struggle with and Davison's performance comes across as extremely genuine.

7 Vengeance on Varos- The sixth Doctor (played by Colin Baker) is widely considered the least liked incarnation. While some of his stories may be lacking in many ways this one is worthy of much praise. "Vengeance on Varos" is an arguably political examination of cultural views on violence and the nature of good and evil. You might not necessarily find it an easy watch but it has a lot to say and is a really strong story.

7 Dragonfire - The seventh Doctor (played by Sylvest McCoy, of Hobbit fame) is in my opinion one of the most underappreciated of all the Time Lord's  incarnation. His stories were not always the best but he had some really great ones and Ace was a fantastic companion. McCoy's portrayal was originally almost entirely comical but later his Doctor began to manifest a noticeable dark side which has remained ever since. "Dragonfire" is basically space Dracula. Also introduces the character of Ace and has a really special effect towards the end.

8 Rose- This was the first story of the revived series and it not only introduces Chris Eccleston's Doctor but also the iconic companion Rose Tyler. This story also marks the return of the autons who were a popular enemy of the classic series. This episode is very good if a little cheesy at parts and is probably one of the single most important stories in the series as a whole.

9 The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances - This two parter by future showrunner Steven Moffat is a creepy and well told story centering around the London Blitz. It asks an important question about the Doctor and introduces the character of Captain Jack Harkness.

10 Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways - This two parter concludes the first series/season of the revived Doctor Who as well as Christ Eccleston's run of the Doctor. It brings to a head a mystery which was building the entire season and features an awesome confrontation between the Doctor and the daleks. It concludes with the Doctor once again making a heroic sacrifice and regenerating in the TARDIS

11 Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday - This two parters marks the end of the second season of the new Doctor Who. It is also the end of Rose Tyler's time as a regular companion.

12 The End of Time parts 1 and 2 - This is David Tennant's regeneration story. It's a wonderful and epic two parter which serves as a close to perfect goodbye to a true great.

13 The Eleventh Hour - This is Matt Smith's first episode and introduces both Amy Pond and Rory Williams as well as a very important crack and a morbid prophecy. It's full of laugh and excitement and has a lot packed into it.

14 Vincent and The Doctor - This is about Vincent Van Gogh and his emotional troubles. It is a beautiful story and is very human.

15 The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang - This two parter ends season five of new Doctor Who and is both very fun and exciting as well as dark and emotional at times. It ends the season on a high and is a really fun watch.

16 The Doctor's Wife - This is the story of the Doctor's greatest love. It is also a creepy and claustrophobic tale written by the extremely talented Neil Gaiman.
17 The Day of the Doctor - The 50th anniversary of the series was rightfully marked by this action packed special. This story stars three incarnations of the Doctor (David Tennant's, Matt Smith and John Hurt's mysterious war Doctor) and features all the other fully canonical versions. The zygons who have been beloved ever since their original appearance in a fourth Doctor story return and their are lots of great nods to the past. This story concludes by sending the Doctor in a new and interesting direction.


Godzilla Girl Diaries Friday May 30th 2014

                                  Dear Diary,

Today I found the love of my life. My name is Barbara but, my friends call me Barb. Well nobody calls me Barb actually. When I moved to Japan for business five months back I experienced no strong emotions. I had nobody in America and I would have nobody anywhere else. Then I started making friends at work and for the first time in my life people seemed to genuinely like me.

  My girlfriends and I started going to this one bar after work everyday and then they began inviting me to parties. It was all really lovely at first until they started trying to set me up with different guys. The guys were all nice and I guess good looking enough. A couple of them were very rich. It's just none of them were ever really my type.

I was committed to the idea my life would be completely free of romance. I had forced all my friends to quit trying to find men for me and I was completely content. That all changed when I was walking home from the bar this evening and he caught my eye. I was taken with him from the very first moment I saw him. He was what I had dreamed of as a little girl. He was what the others could never be. He was a giant lizard. He was Godzilla.


German Herpes

Their is a crisis facing the youth of today. We are at war. Our enemy is not some army or destructive group. We are at battle with a silent killer. Our enemy is German herpes. If you are among the few who have not heard of this horrible STD let me inform you that it is no laughing matter. It is spread and manifests in much the same way as traditional herpes with some other very extreme symptoms. If you become infected with German herpes you will within three days begin to grow a small Hitler stache. After years of suffering you will begin to forget and reject all information relating to the period of time between January 30th 1933 and May 8th 1945.

  This disease can be spread through any sort of sexual act and all people are susceptible to it. It is said to have originated with Hitler himself but that is only probably true. In order to prevent contracting the disease one must wear a Nixon mask at all times when engaging in shall we say risky activity. Be safe and get screened regularly. The Nazis want inside your beautiful freedom loving body.


Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

By Rafael Coplin

Wolfenstein The New Order is a reboot of the classic World War II shooter Wolfenstein 3D. Unlike Wolfenstein games before it The New Order takes place in an alternate 1960's where Nazi Germany won world war 2. You play as B.J. Blazcowicz, professional Nazi killer, and you are humanity's last hope against the horrifying Nazi war machine. Now that you more or less know what the game is about, allow me to tell you both the good and bad things about it. 

Wolfenstein: The New Order focuses a lot on gun play. It takes the classic 10 weapon slot inventory from Wolfenstein 3D, but adds a more up to date feel to it. The gun play is smooth and fun as hell, especially when dual wielding automatic shotguns. One thing I will say even though it's fun to see nazi soldiers explode in a barrage of hell fire from your two fully automatic weapons it is very inefficient. Ammo depletes way too fast to make dual wielding a viable tactic for any battle.

Another thing that the game uses a lot is stealth there are areas where they have commanders stationed if you can kill them while avoiding detection they can't call in more troops, which is good because more troops mean less health for you. They execute stealth almost flawlessly, even though you can't always sneak around a fight when you get the chance to it is so awesome you feel like a true badass

Now that I've covered the combat mechanics, let's move onto sound and graphics. I bought this game on PC and it looks stellar you can tell how much time and care went into designing the areas in this game they all look stellar. Now there is one problem which is particularly annoying every now and then when looking at characters there will be an odd texture pop in which just breaks the immersion of the game. The same thing happens with sound. In cut scenes the sound will just randomly stop for a few moments, then come back in leaving you utterly confused and making you miss all of the important dialogue in the cut scene. ( I found out after some searching that the texture pop ins have to do with the Id 5 engine and not my computer so yarg valid complaint.)

I feel like I've gone over all I need to go over the game does an okay job handling the shooting and a stellar job with stealth. I feel that the graphical problems just happen way too much for it to go unmentioned same with the sound. When the sound shorts out it just does a great job of taking away any and all relevance and importance in a cut scene you only hear half the conversation when it happens. Now that I've wrapped things up I give Wolfenstein: The New Order an 8.7/10 it is a worthwhile game with some replay value to it you won't regret buying it. Please let me know what you think about this game and my review of it and as always I'll see you online.

Hannibal Mizumono Review

 I have recently become very taken with the Hannibal television series. While I do find the character of Will to be entertaining and complex Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal Lecter is nothing short of brilliant. Over the course of this last season his character has been beautifully explored through his friendship with Will and his romantic relationship with Alana Bloom. Their is no question of his humanity. He just happens to be a different kind of human.

 The tensions of Hannibal's second have been brought to a head with its recent finale. Will and Hannibal's relationship has finally gone full circle and despite all its consequences the truth is out. Their were very surprising revelations and beautiful moments of deep emotion.A major element of this
episode is a slightly less controlled and confident Lecter than usual. In Mikkelsen's performance we see a man who is not only a killer but also someone who loves and dreams and hurts.

    Following an emotional and dark confrontation we are left with two major cliffhangers which should if all goes well lead us into a wonderful third season.

Versus Series: Quinlan Vos VS Anakin Skywalker


Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker
Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos

Welcome back my friend to the versus series! In this segment I will discuss who will win in a duel between these two epic jedi heroes: Anakin Skywalker and Quinlan Vos. First we will discuss their backgrounds to give you a basic understanding of the character.

Quinlan Vos was a male Kiffar Jedi Master in the Jedi Order and a General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He hailed from the planet Kiffu in the Inner Rim. With long, dreadlocked hair and a band of pale yellow across his upper face, Vos was gifted with psychometric powers which allowed him to "read memories" from inanimate objects through physical contact. Vos had an ongoing struggle with the dark side of the Force, particularly after he sustained recurrent amnesia after he overdosed on an illegal drug administered by an enemy shortly after the Battle of Naboo. The Sith Lords Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus both showed an interest in him, and while Vos served Dooku for a while, he eventually redeemed himself and was readmitted into the Jedi Order. As the war continued, Vos served on numerous missions, including the hunt for the Hutt crime lord Ziro Desilijic Tiure. Throughout the war, Vos was openly disdainful to the clone troopers under his command, which lead to him being disliked by clones and hated by Sergeant Kal Skirata. Vos was on Kashyyyk as part of the battle there when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, in reality the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, issued the order to clone troopers to kill their Jedi superiors. Despite serious injuries, Vos escaped as one of the few survivors of the Great Jedi Purge and settled on Kashyyyk with his lover, Khaleen Hentz, and raised a son named Korto Vos.

Anakin Skywalker was a Force-sensitive Human male who served the Galactic Republic as a Jedi Knight and later served the Galactic Empire as the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Born to the slave Shmi Skywalker in 41.9 BBY, Anakin was conceived by midi-chlorians, the symbiotic organisms that allowed individuals to touch the Force, and he and his mother were brought to the desert planet of Tatooine to be the slaves of Gardulla the Hutt. They soon ended up as the property of the Toydarian Watto, and Skywalker exhibited exceptional piloting skills and a reputation for being able to build and repair anything even at a young age. In 32 BBY, Skywalker encountered the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Padmé Amidala, and he helped them secure the parts they needed for their starship by winning the Boonta Eve Classic podracing event—only to learn that he had also won his freedom in doing so. Reluctantly leaving his mother behind, Skywalker accompanied Jinn and his group to the Republic's capital of Coruscant and participated in the Battle of Naboo, helping to free Amidala's homeworld from the armies of the Trade Federation. While Jinn was killed during the battle, Jinn's student Obi-Wan Kenobi followed Jinn's wishes and took on Skywalker as his Padawan, and much of the Jedi Council believed that Skywalker was the Chosen One of Jedi prophecy: one who would bring balance to the Force by destroying the Sith Order. Skywalker and Kenobi had a number of adventures during the Padawan's decade of training to become a Jedi, but as the Separatist Crisis threatened to tear the Republic apart in 22 BBY, Skywalker was reunited Amidala when he was assigned to protect her from assassins. The two grew close during the course of the assignment, though they were caught up in the Battle of Geonosis and the beginning of the Clone Wars between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Losing an arm during the fighting, Skywalker received a cybernetic replacement, and he and Amidala were secretly married in the days after the battle despite the Jedi Code's restrictions on attachments. During the Clone Wars, which raged for the next three years, Skywalker was granted the rank of Jedi Knight and became known to the public as the "Hero with No Fear." Taking on the Togruta Ahsoka Tano as his apprentice, Skywalker fought alongside Kenobi and his fellow Jedi in scores of battles, and his friendship with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine deepened despite the Jedi Order's wariness of Palpatine's rapid acquisition of further powers during the Clone Wars. Throughout the Clone Wars, Skywalker's anger and sense of loss pushed him ever closer to the dark side of the Force, and his visions of Amidala dying in childbirth in 19 BBY made him desperate to find a way to save his wife. Palpatine, who was in fact the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, manipulated Skywalker into becoming his apprentice with the promise of saving Amidala, and Skywalker became the Sith Lord Darth Vader as Palpatine transformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire and decimated the Jedi Order.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to the challenge. We will start off by defining their physical capabilities.

Quinlan Vos was a Male Kiffar who was in his physical prime at the time I have decided for this battle. He was a very acrobatic individual, showed by his skill in Ataru. He has no major weakness due to his species, however, he has a very powerful strength due to his race: the power of psychonometry. This allowed him to see the origins of any object he could touch, which is useful for tracking. However I do not believe this would come into play with this battle as it gives him no benefits in combat. 

Anakin Skywalker was a 22 year old Human male. He was physically perfect in health except for his prosthetic right arm. This arm gave him super human strength, which helped him power through his opponents along with his skill in Djem-So. This also gives him a unique edge as he can lose this limb and continuie fighting as if nothing happened.

Edge goes to Anakin Skywalker due to his advantage through his prosthetic arm's ability.

Now we will cover their lightsaber combat skills:

Quinlan Vos was a lightsaber specialist to say the least. He had mastered the fourth form of lightsaber combat: Ataru along with his mastery of form five, Shien. His skill in these forms showed his skill with acrobatics, as both of these forms are very fluid and open. They don't give him many defensive capabilities against other sabers however. He had also been one of the few students to ever learn the variant of form VII: Vaapad. However, his skill in this was negligible as he never truly immersed himself in the form. However, he could not last for too long before becoming sloppy.

Anakin Skywalker  was known as one of the greatest duelists in the Jedi Order's history. He was an acclaimed master of Form V: Shien and Form V: Djem-So. His master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, had also taught him Form VI: Niman, Form III: Soresu, and Form IV: Ataru. Anakin used all of these forms together along with his mastery of Form V to become the greatest duelist in the order. However, he could not last for too long before becoming sloppy.

The Edge goes to Anakin Skywalker due to his mastery in his lightsaber combat skills. However this is a slight edge due to Quinlan Vos' unique skill in Vaapad, which would prove to be useful against the young Jedi Knight. 

Now to force abilities:

Quinlan Vos had a large arrangement of force abilities, as he had studied under Count Dooku for a long time as a dark jedi. He was proficient in telekinesis, slam, crush, and even force lightening. However, these all took a backseat to his lightsaber battling. He had a very acute weakness to the dark side, as Dooku threw him aside in the first few seconds of their battle.

Anakin Skywalker was known as the chosen one to the Jedi order due to his amazing skill in both the fields of the force and lightsaber training. He was a master of telekinesis and the force trust abilities. He was able to do amazing things with the force. However, after his fall to the dark side, he started to use force crush as his main ability.

Edge goes to neither opponent as both of them are very strong in their force abilities, but neither would be able to destroy the other due to each other's abilities.

The Armament is a tie, due to both of their lightsabers being made during the same era and are of very similar design, so I will skip to the verdict:

All though Anakin seems to destroy Quinlan in every categoy, this is still a close battle. Anakin is the batter lighhtsaber duelist, but Quinlan using Vaapad would be able to match the young ones ability and strength. Anakin would resort to his force abilities, which would give Vos a problem, but he would quickly find a way to attack skywalker once again with sabers locked in hand. However, Vos is completelty out preformed and beaten, thrown to the side, and stomped on by this fallen Jedi. 
I proclaim Jedi Knight turned Sith Apprentice Anakin Skywalker the victor!
I understand why a few of you would be confused as I said my next segment would be Mace Windu versus Exar Kun, but I saw that as too easy, so I chose too awesome dark Jedi from the Clone Wars. Until the next installment, I'm Jedi Master Ryan Vickers, May the Force Be With You!


A God Fearing Man

A God Fearing Man

 I prayed a prayer taught to me in my youth as I stood in the field with my weapon in hand. My eyes saw the young man holding the shovel.  I was confident he was quick and strong enough to knock my old frail body down if he turned and saw me. He never got that chance.  I placed the gun against the back of his head.  Before he could react, I had pulled the trigger. I took the shovel from his hands and dug a hole. I stopped digging when it looked about deep and about wide enough. I removed a pocket knife from my sock.  I cut his clothes off and placed them under the house. I’d use them to stuff a scarecrow or maybe just burn them. Then I rolled his naked body into the hole which I had made and covered it with soil and worms.

I found a newspaper that Sara had put in the garbage, went to the kitchen, and sat at my table. I sat there reading till the wife came home. She walked in complaining about the grey mutt dog that was clawing at the side of the house. She said I could kill it if I wanted. I knew I was still married to her for a reason. Then I thought about the young fool’s clothes and the smell of death in a hound’s nostrils.  I ran outside as fast as my old scarred legs could carry me.

 I wanted to make the dog suffer;  so when I got close to it, I took my knife and  grabbed hold of the damned beast by the neck.  I began to choke it as I stabbed at its glazed sickly eyes. It bled till it stopped bleeding and gasped for air until it stopped breathing. It was dead.

The wife, who had probably come out to make sure my jeans didn’t get stained up too badly, was pointing at the house. As one of its last acts, the stupid creature had knocked down a wooden board blocking the space between the foundations of the house.  This revealed to my woman a clue to my act.

 She approached the house and gathered up the torn remains of a white, bloodstained shirt and a pair of jeans, as well as some other less mentionable articles of clothing. “What were these doing here?” she asked in her usual unattractive weak voice. A tag stood out of one of the unmentionable items and my wife read it aloud. “Ryan Welcreast" , she said. "What sort of infant wrote his name in his  underwear?" I shouted in my head.

The name searched my wife’s small brain for a place in her memory to call home. She finally said, “Was that the boy we hired to do some work for us?” I remarked that the name sounded familiar, and thought that my wife’s name would look particularly nice carved into a gravestone. I decided against bashing her head into the wall, knowing I would need someone to prepare my breakfast.

“I guess he must have gotten himself into a scuff and lost his clothes.” I said prolonging her confusion. “You should probably fix them up for him. I’ll make sure to give them to him when he returns next week.” She tried to say something but I covered her mouth. Like the obedient wife, she pretended as though she did not speak. I went into the house to smoke and think as the godliness of the murder faded into the anxiety of a normal man’s life.

 It was nine o’clock when the pretty girl showed up at the house crying. She said she was looking for her husband who worked my field. He had not arrived home in the hours since his shift had ended. I explained to her that a nice woman had taken him to her home; she left infuriated.

My wife, who had overheard me speaking to this woman from the kitchen, asked me about what I had said. When I did not answer, she said, “I hope you burned the body”, and went on with her work. I cared for that woman so very much at that moment,  and I somewhat regretted my frequent secret desire to see her life end by my hands.

 The clothes served no purpose. I could not fit into them. They were used by my wife to make a quilt, which did not make me unhappy. I sometimes would sit in my rocking chair wrapped in the quilt and think about the stupid boy who had died to make it and how pleasant it was putting an end to him.

            Soon the world became cold with the winter. I took on workers to assist me in maintaining the grounds. The memory of my past action was fading, and even the quilt could not bring back the feeling of pulling the trigger and killing the man. After much thought, I decided to repeat the crime just once more. Robert, one of the older workers, had a wife who brought him lunch each day. I wondered what it would be like to hide her body just out of the way of the land he worked.  I thought about watching him suffer each day. He would be alone and cold working for a man who had taken his life away; a man who paid him only enough to continue his meaningless suffering.

On the first day of December of a uniquely unexciting year, approximately three years after my first victim's death, I had a party thrown to celebrate nothing and invited both my employees.  I also invited the members of my church. For the first hour of the party I walked in the woods. It was freezing cold but my blood was afire.  As far as I could see,  this was one of the few times of true pleasure existing in my life.

After the correct amount of time had passed, my wife did as I had ordered.  She was to send Robert's wife to bring me my coffee in my favorite green mug and to invite me to join with the others. I played on the cold ground of a hiking path and closed my eyes. I would appear to be either dead or dying, and the woman would come to help. At the ideal moment, I would take hold of my knife and cut her body open. I would rip and tear at her weak being as much as I could have ever dreamed.

 After some time,  I heard soft murmuring and I felt the woman’s warm hand on my cold chest. I opened my eyes to see the fly to my spider. She was fat and her face was wrinkled almost more so than mine. While she left something to be desired as a woman, she would be a lovely corpse. I grabbed hold of her and clawed at her meat; then as I hissed into her ear to disturb her dying soul, I slit her throat. I heard panicked breathing and then a scream.  It sounded  like a man being boiled alive. A large muscular hand grabbed me by the throat. It was Robert, whose wife I had just so joyfully murdered. His face was full of a strange anger, not warranted by the situation. he was drooling, crying and sweating, making his face altogether too wet.

I was going to offer the man a cloth to wipe himself off with before killing me.  That was the only way I could see the situation being resolved. There was the sound of a gunshot and my attacker’s head split open. In the dark I could see Sara holding my gun. At this moment she had created a since of trust.  I had not felt such a strongly sense since I was a young man. We stripped the bodies of their clothing and buried them right there beneath rich soil, dead leaves,  and the dry shells of cicadas. Both of us smiled as we left.

The party concluded several hours later. By the time we had returned, the guests were far too drunk to notice their friends were no longer present. When the last of the party guests departed, Sara and I sat and talked about little things such as the creaking of the floorboards and the chirping of the birds.  She was making me a quilt including some extremely familiar materials the entire time. This was a wonderful evening. I yawned and ascended the stairs to my bedroom. Tomorrow would be a day of rest for a God fearing man. Sunday was tomorrow. I had been asked to do the reading at the weekly service.

Doctor Who by Matthew Gleason

 If I truly love anything, I love Doctor Who. It is a major science fiction franchise which has been building and expanding for over fifty years. The character of the Doctor is very appealing to many people due to the fact that he is an eccentric alien, adventurer with both very forward and very old fashioned thinking. His time machine/spaceship is called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). It allows for many different kinds of stories to be told. It has become an iconic part of popular culture. Doctor Who survives because of change and renewal. It moves forward just as our society does. 
Doctor Who first aired on November 23rd 1963. This was the day after JFK's death. The first story was later re shown before the second story, the Daleks/ The Mutants. This story marked the first appearance of the daleks, who are without a doubt, the most popular of the Doctor's many enemies. This led to a sudden boost in the show's popularity. 

 The Doctor was initially a very easily aggravated, grumpy and often condescending character who was meant to be both very grandfatherly and very alien at the same time. The character warmed over time. The original Doctor had to leave the show in 1966 due to major health issues. To some it seemed to spell the end for adventures in the TARDIS. Luckily, the Doctor's alien nature allowed him to transform the second incarnation as played by Patrick Troughton. Troughton's Doctor was much sweeter and goofier than his predecessor. He played the character as a sort of "cosmic hobo". Change in both physical appearance and behavioral aspects has become a staple of the character who is now on his 12th/13th incarnation. 

 The TARDIS is often noted to be bigger on the inside. This, according to the Doctor, is because it is a transcendental dimension.  It can travel to any planet in the universe and to any date in the planet's existence. It also has appeared in other universes but very rarely. The TARDIS is the Doctor's constant companion and traveling machine. According to most canon he stole it from his home planet (Gallifrey) shortly before leaving with his granddaughter, Susan. Upon landing in 1960's England the Chameleon circuit (cloaking device) in the TARDIS broke causing it to become stuck in the form of a Police Public Call Box. This was actually done by the production team so a familiar image would be associated with the TARDIS and they wouldn't need to find a new look for it in every story. 

 Doctor Who is not merely a television show. There have been spin offs of varying success, comic and prose stories, many audio adventures, spoofs and stage productions. I have faith that it can survive the end of television itself. It has a flexible story and almost infinite potential. I look forward to watching the hundredth anniversary special. 

Post By: Matthew Gleason


Sims 2 Review Because Sims 3 Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

 So what's so great about the Sims 2? Well for one you don't get all that bored when you're playing it like you do with the base game of the Sims 3. The graphics are almost as good as Sims 3. The game is a lot easier to get the hang of, and there's not a lot of pointless features like there are in the Sims 3. 

 The good thing about the Sims 2 is that it keeps the familiarity of the original game The Sims, and it doesn't use up too much of that precious hard drive space you need. Overall the game just runs faster than The Sims 3 because not everyone has a state of the art computer. The game sold a million copies after having been out for only ten days. In 2008 it was announced that 100 million copies of the Sims 2 had been sold. The add on packs for Sims 2 are way better than the add on packs for Sims 3. Also, the Sims 2 looks way better than the Sims 3 in my humble opinion. 

 So folks what more is there to say? The Sims 2 is better than the Sims 3 because there is much more to do in the Sims 2 and there are way better expansion packs available for the game. One more thing that I forgot to mention earlier is that there are more testing cheat codes available to play with in the Sims 2 that the developers decided to keep secret in the Sims 3.

Godzilla (2014) Review

Godzilla (2014) Review

By Rafael Coplin

I recently watched the new Godzilla movie and have decided to do a review on it, considering that my last movie review was more of a joke than anything else. The new Godzilla movie starts out very strong with a stellar performance from Bryan Cranston which lasts for about 40 minutes. After those 40 minutes the movie just becomes a cliche ball of not interesting it focuses on Lieutenant Ford (portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and his journey to get back home to his wife and child. He is also trying to help the U.S Army defeat the two monsters wreaking havoc on the United States. That drags on for about 98 minutes and then it gets to Godzilla doing what he does best beating the crap out of monsters and wrecking stuff... For about 12 minutes.

I personally went into this movie expecting to see a lot of Godzilla and other monsters battling on earth and causing massive amounts of damage. What I actually saw was pretty much the exact opposite I didn't mind it at first because Bryan Cranston's character was written into the plot very well and he executed the role perfectly. It's pretty much after Bryan Cranston's screen time that the movie begins to fall apart. It just gets so boring, it's like they filmed three different movies and then put them together to make one movie. There is a noticeable lack of Godzilla in this movie, he has less than 30 minutes worth of screen time which is unacceptable in a Godzilla movie.

About 95 percent of the movie is just a cliche family crisis story that's been done to death in the movie industry. Any time that there was a shot of Godzilla about to beat the crap out of another monster it would just cut away to the family drama. The movie does this about 6 to 7 times because there are only about 6 to 7 shots of Godzilla fighting before the final fight. They could of cut out so much of the unnecessary cliche crap and made the movie much shorter and much more enjoyable. They gave the actors, mainly Aaron Taylor Johnson, way too much screen time and did not give Godzilla enough screen time. This aspect just serves to highlight his less than stellar performance, which is odd because I've seen Aaron Taylor-Johnson in other movies in which he does a good job, but this isn't one of them.

Now with the parts that had Godzilla and monster battles they did a stellar job you can really tell how much money went into the special effects and CGI. Godzilla is beautifully rendered and I think this movie manages to capture just how massive Godzilla is he towers over pretty much everything. They did a very good job with the other monsters as well, showing off the attention to detail they took with some aspects of their social/ biological behaviors. They were off on some scientific areas, mainly with the larvae of the creatures, but no one goes to a theater for scientific accuracy, at least I don't.

In the end Godzilla wasn't a horrible flick it just failed to capture the spark that made the earlier Godzilla movies so fun to watch. If you are planning to watch Godzilla and expect to see tons of action, destruction, and monsters brutalizing each other a lot then don't bother going to watch it. My final verdict on Godzilla (2014) is a 6/10 disappointingly average. The movie had a lot of potential to be great, but just falls short due to how boring and uninteresting it gets.


Anime Review- Sword Art Online

Hi, and I'm one of Matthew's friends, Beth Anne. You may remember my post about his cat (I'm really sorry for that post), but today I'm here to review an anime that I myself recently just finished. This is my first review, so please bear with me as I do this. There are spoilers, and I'm warning you now, so if you want to watch this spoiler-free, turn back now.
Sword Art Online is a popular anime, and it has received mixed reviews from some anime websites. I was on the fence about watching it, but eventually (with the persuasion of my friend Morgan) decided,"What the heck? It has sword in the title. It can't be too bad."
After the first episode, I was enjoying it, and I thought the concept was interesting. Kirito, a big online gamer, decides to play a game that uses technology (called Nerve Gear) to make it seem like your body is controlling the avatar in the game. In the virtual world, you move and run around and fight, and in the real world, your body stays lying down with the Nerve Gear on. Make sense? However, an acquaintance of Kirito's goes to log out, and discovers the log out button is missing. It turns out that creator of the game, called Sword Art Online, has trapped all the players in the game until they can beat the game. And there's one deadly twist: If you die in SAO, you die in the real world too.

The picture above this text is Kirito himself, the main character. He's not always the nicest character, and there were a few times I thought, 'Well, now he's just being a jerk.' But there are also some times he's a great character, helping others beat the game. I, personally, thought he got much better as a character after he began to develop a relationship with Asuna, another main character (and my personal favorite).Perhaps this is just because it's later in the season, and the anger that boils between characters and beta testers has cooled down (Kirito was a beta tester, which pissed off some characters) He is a great fighter and he is known as the Black Swordsman.
Asuna, my favorite character, is a great character. She's the picture to the right. She's strong, intelligent and courageous, fighting on the front lines of the game for a long time in the game. She is known for her speed with the rapier, and people say she is lightning fast. Part of the reason she is my favorite is due to the fact that she uses a rapier, which is a heavy fencing weapon, and I am a fencer. So that makes me happy.
The first part of this anime (episodes 1-14) is good, and I enjoyed the battle scenes, but like any anime, it has its sad moments.
The second part, however, I did not enjoy. That arc is after Kirito beats the game and awakens but Asuna does not, and he goes into another game to rescue her. That other game is Alfheim Online, a game very similar to SAO, except the players are all members of different fairy races and have wings and use magic. I don't like this arc because of the love triangle between Asuna, Kirito, and Leafa, who was raised as Kirito's sister, but is his cousin. There are moments between Suguha (Leafa's real life name) and Kirito which makes me think, 'No, honey. You were raised as siblings, and that's kinda gross.' (Nothing ever happens between them, as Kirito is devoted to Asuna, but still). I'm not entirely sure why they chose to do this, but I don't like it.
Another reason I don't like this arc is Asuna herself. She is imprisoned by the main villain of this arc, and she acts very much like a damsel in distress, porcelain doll, whatever you want to call it. She mostly sits around and waits for Kirito to rescue her. Which is not like the Asuna from the previous arc, at all. I don't like this too much, as the Asuna from the first part would have reacted much differently. I think we only saw the Asuna from the first arc cry once or twice, and that was when they figured out that the players in the game had to get out or they would all perish, because their bodies would die in the real world. She also cried after Kirito had defeated the boss and they had both died and the game was deleting itself. She didn't even cry when she thought Kirito was going to die. She was very worried, and scared she didn't make it in time to save him, but she doesn't cry. She gives him a healing potion and everything's sunshine and rainbows again (as much as an anime can be).
She cries a lot more in the second arc. She acts somewhat depressed and only manages an escape once, after which she is immediately brought back. I'm sorry, but this makes me sad, because my favorite main character, once a feisty sword-fighter (and one of the best in the game) is turned into a Rapunzel in a tower-or should I say a Titania in a birdcage.
Everything ends up happy and everyone goes back to the real world, Kirito and Asuna begin to date, everything ends up great. Overall, I enjoyed this anime, with the second arc dragging it down quite a bit. The visuals are okay, but as I haven't watched quite a lot of anime (I'm working on it) I can't say they are great. They are better than some, however. Thanks for hanging in there, and I (hopefully) will post more soon!


19 Facts About Stephen King

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors so here's 19 facts about him.

1. The paperback rights for Stephen King's first novel, Carrie sold for $400,000.

2. He is a Democrat.

3. He was rejected hundreds of times before he was finally published.

4. Stephen King believes in God but hates organized religion.

5. His daughter, Naomi King, is a minister.

6. He hated high school.

7. Stephen King was addicted to Cocaine at one point in his life.

8. He was an alcoholic and he attended Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings.

9. Stephen King wrote a book on how to write it's called On Writing A Memoir of the Craft.

10. He once worked as a sports reporter.

11. He has a Welsh Corgi named McMurtry.

12. He has a pen name, Richard Bachman.

13. Stephen King and his wife have three children.

14. He loves the Red Sox.

15. Stephen King lives in Bangor Maine.

16. He was hit by a car.

17. He taught English.

18. Stephen King IS NOT going blind contrary to what some people keep saying.

19. He is not a Twilight fan at all.


Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2 (PC) Review

By Rafael Coplin

Dark Souls 2 is a sequel to the game Dark Souls. I've put about 48 hours of time into this game and have finally decided to share my opinion on it. Now I do have this game on pc and Dark Souls is notorious for being a terrible port so does that still apply here? Well yes and no. Is the port as bad as Dark Souls? No, thankfully it isn't, but it isn't a great port either. The main problem is the key bindings the first problem is that they're still pretty awkward and the second is that the built in tutorial doesn't help. So if you're like me and you like a keyboard and mouse better than a wired pc remote then you're a little bit screwed.

All of the directions presented in the tutorial are given as Xbox 360 controller bindings such as A, B, X, Y or RT, LT, RB, LT and these directions are very confusing when you don't have a wired pc controller. I paid 50 dollars for this game I expect it to be a proper port but Bandai Namco can't be bothered to properly address the issue. So basically what they told me when I spoke to a customer support rep was to go drop 20 more dollars on a wired Xbox 360 PC controller so I can get the "Darksouls experience" whatever the hell that means.

Now onto the game itself is it unplayable? No is it annoying to play with the Xbox controller bindings? Yeah it is. Now the gameplay is pretty solid and challenging when fighting the first enemies (tutorial hollows) it is very easy to lose a substantial amount of health. From the first few minutes you can tell that this game doesn't give you a break which I personally love it's hard and unforgiving from the start. Now just because the game is difficult doesn't mean that it is frustrating because more often than not after dying for the one millionth time to the same enemy reveals yet another weakness/ flaw in their combat which can be exploited to finally kill the enemy the next time around. I love the way this game handles death and once you kill that enemy you get this sense of accomplishment and some pretty kick ass loot most of the time too.

Now another good thing about this game is the fact that if you're having trouble with one enemy another player probably had some difficulty with the enemy too. So they took a feature from the old game and made it better you and other players can leave little notes that give advice on how to kill a really difficult enemy. Now this sounds good on paper, but you'll always have idiotic jerks that leave notes in front of cliff faces telling you to jump for extra xp. Only to find that the extra xp is non existent and that a death fall awaits instead.

In conclusion even though Darksouls 2 suffers from some of the bad port qualities as it's predecessor it's still a good game that I would recommend to all hardcore gamers. The combat is difficult and very decisive but usually worth every second in the end. Sure the community is a mixed bag of trolls and genuinely helpful people and sure the whole Xbox controller issue is still annoying, but aside from those two things I give Darksouls 2 an 8/10. I do hope that you have found this review helpful and I'll see you online.


The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Book Review By Matthew J. Gleason

 Sometimes stories make it easier for us to explore the big ideas and question perceived truths. Books like the perks of being a wallflower are good examples of this. The protagonist is Charlie a troubled teen who often feels alone and confused. He isn't perfect. He also clearly doesn't understand everything. I think that's part of the point.

 Through his letters he reveals the complexity of his innermost thoughts and the truth of being alive. Without giving away much I can say that he displays great courage and strength after being forced into a less than ideal situation.

  Charlie's family is more or less "normal". They helped instill a sense of familiarity in me as the story began and as their troubles revealed themselves I couldn't help but sympathize.

  Charlie's life outside of his family is initially very unhealthy. His best friend has killed himself and no one seems interested in talking to him anymore. When he meets Patrick and his step sister Sam, things begin to turn around for him. They become friends and Charlie begins having romantic feelings for Sam. As Charlie's life begins heading in a more pleasant direction it makes it difficult to see him struggle with keeping it together.    

  Charlies friends are not merely objects for plot. Sam is a victim of sexual abuse and has a troubled past. Charlie clearly hates knowing how much she hurts. Patrick is gay and in love with the quarterback Brad. He suffers because of a world which hates his love and prefers to see him as a different species. Many might find inspiration in his journey.
  This book is about being young and being hurt, being in love and missing what you once had.

Post by: Matthew Gleason

Fan Fiction And The Nature Of Creativity

Fan fiction is a subject which I once looked down upon. It seemed to me that it was better to be original than to copy. I thought that stories should be controlled by those who created them. I thought fan fiction was a waste of time to be completely honest.

As I've thought about it more I've come to realize we create our own versions of the fictions which we enjoy. Ultimately our perceived lies can be a kind of fiction. We all have our own opinions of what is and what should be. When we come to expect everything to be done as we would do it we will surely be disappointed. Fan fiction is someones creative energy taking inspiration from someone else's and making their own truth which be a great deviation from canon or fit perfectly within established events.

Humanity has been sharing and re imagining stories and characters for thousands of years. The ownership of stories is a relatively new concept.

Many people who seem to respect most forms of fan fiction have very negative attitudes towards slash fiction (fan fiction in which characters are placed into sexual situations). While many of the events described in works of slash fiction would be unlikely to take place in the original works which inspired them I still think that if it does no harm theirs no problem with it. Fan fiction can help ignite a creative spark which someone may never have known existed. Write responsibly everybody.

Post by: Matthew Gleason.