Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator Review

  Goat Simulator is a game on steam made by Coffee Stain Studios a game company known for such games as Sanctum and its sequel Sanctum 2. If I needed to sum goat simulator up in one word, that word would be fun. It's really hard to regret buying this game and it's even harder to dislike a game that allows you to sacrifice people to Satan in order to achieve satanic goat powers and other crazy antics. So without further adieu, I present to you my review on goat simulator.
  When I first bought this game I was chilling with my friend. We were playing some Battlefield 4 and talking on Skype when I went over to steam to check the store. I browsed through the catalog and noticed one recurring game title "Goat Simulator" so I bought it, installed it, and then launched it. I honestly didn't know what to expect from such a game, but I'll tell you right now, expect nothing but fun and laughter. Within the first 10 minutes of the game I managed to blow up several cars and other explosive objects such as gas tanks, red fuel barrels, and fuel tankers. Aside from blowing things up I also achieved flight head butted people into the sky and also sacrificed five people and became Goat Satan.
   Now that I'm done yammering on about how fun the game is let's talk about the game mechanics. They're  very simple and well done. For the most part the movement is fluid. The ragdoll physics are rampant and are there to ensure the maximum lols. The ramming/headbutting is also very well done, allowing you to head butt cars into oblivion and also headbutt pretty much everything else into oblivion as well. One thing I will say does need work would be the camera controls they're a bit clunky and can make the game a little bit frustrating especially when you're in high debris areas. Aside from that slight problem the game executes goat simulation to its fullest.

    If you still aren't convinced as to how fun Goat Simulator is I should probably bring up the Steam workshop and user made mods. Now a lot of games have mods, but I personally think that no game has mods that are as fun as these. The software for the game is very open and easy to mod increasing the replay value of the game with fun user made courses and also some very interesting mutators (things that change your abilities/appearance in a game). There are countless mods for this game, but I think my personal favorite one would be the Shrek mod be sure to check it out.

  Now I've said all the good things about the game here are some of the bad things about the game it's incredibly buggy and super unpolished. Now the bugs if anything only add to the fun, but they can still be super difficult to put up with because of the game breaking ones. Graphics the game's graphics are mediocre at best it can sometimes be hard to look at and the graphics could be a lot better. The main problem comes from the super unpolished textures and the grainy look that some areas have. Aside from those two things the base game is fun for about 2-4 hours.

   Goat Simulator is a pretty solid game jam packed with hours worth of fun (as long as you get the mods and addons). From the extensive amount of mods to the never ending explosions, it's guaranteed to give you a good time. Now one thing before I give a final score on this game, it should be noted that this game is something to be played for laughs and you should go in expecting that. It is incredibly unpolished and super buggy, but this if anything only increases the fun there is to be had. With that said I give Goat Simulator a 6/10 it's worth it, but because of some annoying bugs and camera/graphical issues I give it a 6 because the presented problems can be very annoying, but usually just make you laugh even harder.
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