Agnostic Atheism

I love being alive. I also really hate it sometimes. The world in which we exist is so beautiful and complex. It is only natural to look for the answers to the big questions about all that is. Many people have very strong religious beliefs which they use to comfort themselves in time of trouble and doubt. A large portion of people from a vast array of religions still hold scientific research to be a worthwhile cause.

  Try as we might we can't know all the answers. As an agnostic atheist I accept that as truth. I also realize that the truth of reality is more likely to be contained within a distant star than some ancient text. Still I respect freedom of belief and try to keep an open mind.

  I think it's a sad reflection of humanity's negative side when we spread hate and ignorance in the name of religion. No matter what we believe we are all still people. It is important that we learn to coexist in this world no matter what we think about the next. All anyone can know for sure is that bowties are cool. 
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