Facts about Winston Churchill

 Winston Churchill's legacy continues to live on to this day. In honor of this wonderful man, here's some facts about him.

1. He loved to smoke cigars. Romeo y Julieta was his favorite brand. 

2. He was agnostic. 

3. He stuttered. 

4. He wore dentures. 

5. His father died when he was in his 20's. 

6. He suffered from depression at times, referring to it as his "black dog". 

7. His height was an estimated 5'8''. 

8. He died when he was 90 from a stroke. 

9. He loved to paint. 

10. He didn't go very far in school, but he had a ton of honorary degrees. 

11. He loved expensive things, even though he had trouble affording them. 

12. He wrote books. 

13. He served in the military.

14. He had five children.

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