Steve Jobs in a Nutshell

Steve Jobs was an American Icon. He was the co founder of Apple Incorporated, a family man, and a Zen Buddhist. He's most famous for his work on helping build the Macintosh, or Mac, and for having help design and market the iPhone, iPad, and all other Apple products.

He was born in San Francisco California, and was later adopted. He never knew his biological father personally. He was a local at a restaurant and talked to the owner several times. Little did Jobs know the owner was his biological father. He never knew until his sister told him later on in life. Jobs refused to speak with his father even on his deathbed. He called his adopted parents his real parents, and would correct anyone who referred to them otherwise. Jobs dad, Paul Jobs, never finished high school and worked on and sold cars.

Jobs was a socially awkward teenager who loved to play pranks with one of his friends, Steve Wozniak. They would eventually start Apple Computer company together. When it came time for Jobs to go to college he chose a very expensive liberal arts college, Reed college. He dropped out after awhile and simply hanged around campus and slept in the floor in dorm rooms. Jobs would get free meals at a Hare Krishna temple near Reed. 

Steve Jobs has been described as arrogant, extremely sensitive, and charismatic. He supposedly fired someone one time for bringing him the wrong kind of mineral water. He left a legacy and plenty of fans behind.

Steve Jobs died of cancer on October 5, 2011.

 Written by: Brandon.
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