Operation Snow White

Operation Snow White was a plot put in place by the Church of Scientology in the 1970's. The church goal was to "correct" information in the files of multiple governments in order to protect themselves legally and manipulate public opinion. The operation was largely successful although in the end it resulted in the imprisonment of multiple church leaders.

 Operation Snow White was  meant to be primarily focused on the US government but extended into other nations. The Church actually wanted to use the UN in order to "correct" all files throughout the world.  The Church organization  which controlled Operation Snow White was the Guardian's Office which has since been replaced by the Office of  Special Affairs. Snow White was then broken down into sub programs which ran certain aspects of the operation. The program was successful in   infiltrating and stealing  from one hundred thirty six private organizations, governments agencies foreign embassies. These illegal acts were committed in more than thirty nations.

Operation Snow White was headed by Michael Miesner under the orders of  Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology. Its success at first can be credited to the extreme order and structure within the Church. On June 11th 1976 the FBI found Michael Miesner and agent Silver at the foot of Capitol Hill in the library of the US Courthouse. They were conducting illegal activities but after presenting false identification were free to leave this however was a major event leading to the downfall of the entire scheme. In Washington on the 15th of August 1978 a federal grand jury indicted 9 members of the Church with 29 crimes. Hubbard's third wife was among those indicted. After making a deal she ended up paying 10,000 dollars and while she was sentenced to spend five years in prison she was released after only a year. 

The impact of the conspiracy's discovery on the Church of Scientology has been massive over the years. It is often referenced by opponents of Scientology and is known as one of the most impressive conspiracies in the history of the world so far. The Church denies Snow White as official business and claims that it was a rogue group within the Church which plotted  and carried it out.


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