Bob Dylan In A Nutshell

Bob Dylan has influenced millions of people with his unique voice and tone. He was born in 1941 in Minnesota with the name Robert Zimmerman, which he would later change to Bob Dylan. He is known for his unique personality, and style of dress. 

Bob Dylan has been labeled one of the greatest song writers of all time. People say "it's not about the voice it's the lyrics." That just might be true. If you have ever heard the song Like A Rolling Stone, which was originally 6 pages long, you get where I am coming from. Dylan wrote the song after coming home from touring in England.

Dylan would often read poetry when he was young, so that might have had some influence on his work. He could be seen carrying a book of poems around from time to time.

Dylan chose to withdraw from society after his motorcycle accident in 1966. It took him years to return to the stage again in 1968. He has six children. His son, Jakob Dylan, is a singer.

In a nutshell, Bob Dylan is a songwriting genius from Minnesota. He  will continue to influence  generations.

Written by: Brandon

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