Bob Dylan In A Nutshell

Bob Dylan has influenced millions of people with his unique voice and tone. He was born in 1941 in Minnesota with the name Robert Zimmerman, which he would later change to Bob Dylan. He is known for his unique personality, and style of dress. 

Bob Dylan has been labeled one of the greatest song writers of all time. People say "it's not about the voice it's the lyrics." That just might be true. If you have ever heard the song Like A Rolling Stone, which was originally 6 pages long, you get where I am coming from. Dylan wrote the song after coming home from touring in England.

Dylan would often read poetry when he was young, so that might have had some influence on his work. He could be seen carrying a book of poems around from time to time.

Dylan chose to withdraw from society after his motorcycle accident in 1966. It took him years to return to the stage again in 1968. He has six children. His son, Jakob Dylan, is a singer.

In a nutshell, Bob Dylan is a songwriting genius from Minnesota. He  will continue to influence  generations.

Written by: Brandon

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Steve Jobs in a Nutshell

Steve Jobs was an American Icon. He was the co founder of Apple Incorporated, a family man, and a Zen Buddhist. He's most famous for his work on helping build the Macintosh, or Mac, and for having help design and market the iPhone, iPad, and all other Apple products.

He was born in San Francisco California, and was later adopted. He never knew his biological father personally. He was a local at a restaurant and talked to the owner several times. Little did Jobs know the owner was his biological father. He never knew until his sister told him later on in life. Jobs refused to speak with his father even on his deathbed. He called his adopted parents his real parents, and would correct anyone who referred to them otherwise. Jobs dad, Paul Jobs, never finished high school and worked on and sold cars.

Jobs was a socially awkward teenager who loved to play pranks with one of his friends, Steve Wozniak. They would eventually start Apple Computer company together. When it came time for Jobs to go to college he chose a very expensive liberal arts college, Reed college. He dropped out after awhile and simply hanged around campus and slept in the floor in dorm rooms. Jobs would get free meals at a Hare Krishna temple near Reed. 

Steve Jobs has been described as arrogant, extremely sensitive, and charismatic. He supposedly fired someone one time for bringing him the wrong kind of mineral water. He left a legacy and plenty of fans behind.

Steve Jobs died of cancer on October 5, 2011.

 Written by: Brandon.


Operation Snow White

Operation Snow White was a plot put in place by the Church of Scientology in the 1970's. The church goal was to "correct" information in the files of multiple governments in order to protect themselves legally and manipulate public opinion. The operation was largely successful although in the end it resulted in the imprisonment of multiple church leaders.

 Operation Snow White was  meant to be primarily focused on the US government but extended into other nations. The Church actually wanted to use the UN in order to "correct" all files throughout the world.  The Church organization  which controlled Operation Snow White was the Guardian's Office which has since been replaced by the Office of  Special Affairs. Snow White was then broken down into sub programs which ran certain aspects of the operation. The program was successful in   infiltrating and stealing  from one hundred thirty six private organizations, governments agencies foreign embassies. These illegal acts were committed in more than thirty nations.

Operation Snow White was headed by Michael Miesner under the orders of  Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology. Its success at first can be credited to the extreme order and structure within the Church. On June 11th 1976 the FBI found Michael Miesner and agent Silver at the foot of Capitol Hill in the library of the US Courthouse. They were conducting illegal activities but after presenting false identification were free to leave this however was a major event leading to the downfall of the entire scheme. In Washington on the 15th of August 1978 a federal grand jury indicted 9 members of the Church with 29 crimes. Hubbard's third wife was among those indicted. After making a deal she ended up paying 10,000 dollars and while she was sentenced to spend five years in prison she was released after only a year. 

The impact of the conspiracy's discovery on the Church of Scientology has been massive over the years. It is often referenced by opponents of Scientology and is known as one of the most impressive conspiracies in the history of the world so far. The Church denies Snow White as official business and claims that it was a rogue group within the Church which plotted  and carried it out.



The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I can't believe it. It's the most wonderful time of the year. People are out to get them. They don't know it. I wish that I had blue skin but I don't. It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Dick butt!!!


Twisted Metal Love

She was in the dark. She was always in the dark. My tools had plucked out her eyes long ago. She was a toy and she no longer amused me.  The day she came out of her box she was all clean and perfect and mine. I was lonely. I was angry. She was my last hope at a normal life.

  When I was formed civilized people had abandoned traditional breeding and made ourselves sterile . Our young were forged in the mechanisms of machines.  Each generation it seemed was less in touch with the ways of love. Still our physical needs and the desire for someone to care about us carried on  and so they made the plastic people.

 They talked with us,  they did other sorts of things with us and they cared for us when no one else did which was all the time for everyone. Of course looking back none of it was real. But I had grown up a zero in a world of cruel ones and now I was a one and things didn't feel much better so one day I made a call to the shop and had a delivery made to my home .

  The box was there when I arrived home from working at the factory in the early evening. The love I felt for her was instant and she mirrored my attitude. Her name was Susan. She was a beautiful piece of work. Our happiness lasted a year and three days according to her internal clock which did occasionally tick. Then we watched that old film and everything  changed.  It was about a primitive family who cooked food, sang songs and made babies. This was all part of the idiotic old way. For some reason Susan couldn't keep her unblinking eyes off the little fat things called babies.

  Susan pestered me day in and day out about buying her a baby. I tried to explain that I could not but she would scream and cry without tears. I spent my days working with my hands in the factory and when I would get home I often found myself regretting leaving work. Susan became extremely disobedient.  I became so angry every night I went without sleep because of her whining. She ceased to serve many of her purposes and refused to acknowledge me as her husband and master.

  The robotics company wouldn't fix. The shop wouldn't take her back. I was stuck with a defective woman. I had once been the envy of all the idiots and bastards I knew. Now I had been made to look like a fool. I was completely powerless. A man is control and I was without it.

  I started shooting up at the  pub. I used to stay out all night most of time. I would pass out feeling sick as a dying dog in the desert.  When people would try to wake I would swear and spit and make a scene until I was thrown out. One night as I sat in the darkness of the pub waiting for death in such a still manner that to an observer it may have appeared to have already arrived  I felt something bump my shoulder.

  Tube smoke entered my nostrils and I slowly turned my stiff body to a thin ratty man smoking a tube and rubbing sticky gel in thick dirty hair. He had a face any mother would run from  and he was a smoker. I had always hated smokers.  It seemed he had bumped into me completely by accident.  The reasonable thing to do would have been to just let it go.                                                                

   I wasn't feeling very reasonable. I laid my right fist into his cheek and my left into his. Part of me wanted to knife him  but that wouldn't have made him respect me. That would have made him dead and I didn't want a ticket.  He hit the floor.

 I laughed and just as the loser around me began to take notice of my success I lost my footing and fell flat on my back in a puddle of cold vomit.   I pulled myself up and then I stumbled. The man rose to his feet. If this was a film I might have produced a well polished sword from nowhere and with one swift motion severed his head from his shoulders.  Instead I paused a moment trying to fuse together a few thoughts in my brain. I searched my pockets to find my knife was not on me. The degenerate moron took advantage of my momentary weakness. He shattered his smoking tube against my head and sent spit flying into my eyes.

I couldn't see. I felt the first kick in my gut and the second in my bad knee. I squinted as bright flashing lights on the ceiling became visible to me. I looked around and then I saw the doorway. I crawled on my hands and knees through the small ocean of garbage and human waste on the cold floor. The other man laughed. I moved more quickly afraid he might not be finished with me. I stumbled out the doorway. Hobos and businessmen were huddled in a circle watching a tabby cat being overpowered by dozens of large black rats.

  My muscles ached and the wind chilled me to the bone. I was alone in the world. I didn't matter to Susan and I barely mattered to myself. This was all her fault. Why couldn't she just behave? I walked home. I listened to the silent. Beyond those streets I could hear people cussing each other out, lies being told, gunshots and all the usual sounds of the night.

  Why was I here? Why was I anywhere? I had always heard their was no place like. I had never felt at home anywhere so I didn't really know. This world was completely fair. It killed everyone. What happened before that was what hurt.

  Susan was the one thing I thought could help me and all she was doing was making everything worse.  I got home as the morning light set upon my house.  As I entered through the door Susan ran to greet me. She had decided to straighten up her act. It was far too late. I pushed her to the floor. Now that damn crying was back. She looked up at me through those lifeless eyes with such shock. I pushed past her. I didn't need to go through anymore stupid problems with that machine.

  I needed sleep. I was alive. I mattered. I went to bed alone. I dreamt of darkness and calm. When I woke up it was well into the afternoon. Images of the last day flooded into the horribly polluted fish bowl which was my head. When I got up I found Susan on the floor where I left her.  She had the stillness of death save for a few small motions of her face.

  I took Susan's hand and pulled her to her feet. She looked dead her expression. Her arms hung limp. "I'm sorry I had to do that." I whispered into her ear. "Just behave from now any you'll be fine." She slowly opened her mouth and released the words "Yes sir." At that moment I really thought that maybe we could have a happy future together. I only wish I hadn't been so wrong.

 For a little while things were like they had been before. Susan did as she was told and I was truly happy in my life.  On Wednesdays people at the factory would take their lunch breaks together and go down to the park to watch druggies overdose. The game was we would bet on who overdosed first because someone almost did. The winner got the money and whatever they wanted off the body.

  On one particular Wednesday I was standing in the shadows watching a young ginger man stick a needle in his arm and just praying he would die. A coworker named Jeremy tapped me on the shoulder. "What?" I whispered feeling slightly annoyed. Jeremy spoke like he thought, very slowly and often incorrectly. "Ain't that yah girl over there?" he said loudly.  He was pointing beyond the druggies and far into grass which was strewn with litter. I couldn't see Susan standing there clutching something in her arms.

  The ginger man's heart stopped. So did mine but for me it was a bit more temporary. I stepped out of the shadows and into the light of truth. I moved closer to the body. I took out his cheap plastic wallet . It was empty save for a few small food and film cards. I pocketed them and approached Susan. I didn't enjoy scavenging off the ginger man as much as I had wanted to. I usually took so much pleasure it taking what was mine but this was different. Susan wasn't supposed to be in the real world. She was supposed to be at home and in the picture I carried of her but nowhere else.

   Now she was out amongst regular people who existed for themselves and not for me.  This was all deeply wrong. This could not possibly serve me. When I got close enough to get a good look I saw that she was wearing a yellow sundress which I had not given her permission to wear on that day and holding a baby doll which I knew was a thing which was not a baby but looked liked one for some reason.

  When she saw me she went still and fear entered her eyes. She could see her lie had been discovered. She knew she had done wrong. I ran towards her in a rage. I couldn't stand her just standing there looking at me like this was all my fault. I slapped her face and yanked a clump of her long beautiful out of her.  She never bled but she could feel pain and I could see just how much she was feeling and while a tiny part of me felt regret a much larger part of me wanted her to feel more.

 Susan dropped the doll. Her face wrinkled and she made a sound like tires screeching. I walked her home and locked her in the basement. Then I returned to work where I did my job and laughed and joked around with people as I usually did. After work I decided to hang out with a few of the guys who I knew were known for having the kind of fun some people turned their noses up at. We shot up and drank for awhile behind the factory and then we were going to check out a club or a brothel or a church one of them knew which doubled as the home of more than a few secretive businesses when a cop happened to approach us. The law as I had always seen it meant that everything was fine if you didn't get caught.

Neither I nor any of the other men I was with felt particularly keen about spending the night in a jail cell. We all surrounded him and the poor old pig dropped his gun around the ground like he didn't know what he was carrying it for. We beat him and I cut the side of his face a little bit with my knife.

He passed out after about ten minutes of bleeding and being a little bitch. It was fun while it lasted.  I took a Taser off his body and wiped some of his blood off my knife and onto the inside of my jacket. A middle balding man who I didn't really know very well and who had a few too many cuts bruises and scars to be from accidents took the gun and I didn't argue with.

I didn't really feel like  going out after this and the day I had already been having. We left the unconscious officer in the street and headed our separate ways for the evening. I went home. When I got there Susan was still screaming in that basement. As soon as I heard her I knew I wasn't finished having fun that night.

  I slowly walked down the stairs to the basement. After about an hour when I was satisfied with what I had done I walked back up with a smile on my face and the Taser and the knife warm in my hands. I locked the door behind. She was still down there waiting for the next night and the one after that and so many nights ahead.

 We danced that gorgeous dance so many times . She did the screaming. I did the cutting. To me we were the definition of the perfect couple. Of course she did begin to wear away. So did I. I got slower and shrank and wrinkled up like a raisin. She stopped looking like a woman at all and started looking like the simple toy she was. She hated me so much and for that I hated her and for that she hated me and so on. One night I woke from a nightmare about maggots in a locked box and upon looking in the mirror at the weak, old, lonely thing I was found myself in a rage. I headed toward the basement and as I took that first step on those old familiar stairs my foot slid. I tumbled through the air and my body shook from  coldness and fear.

I hit the dusty ground with a  thump. Pain shot through my body. I couldn't get up. The door had shut behind me. Their was no light of any sort. At first I wept at the thought of dying alone but then I remembered I was not alone and I was more afraid than I had ever been before.

I felt metal grasp my skin and sharp wires insert themselves into my eyeballs. Cold metal hugged my body. I felt my bones begin to break one by one. My teeth began popping out. The anger I felt subsided. A machine had brought me into this awful world and a machine was taking me out. Whatever kind of victory Susan saw this as she was wrong. This was my victory. As my skin tore and my skull cracked I realized that the world didn't ever really deserve me. As I took my last breath cradled by my "loving"  wife I experienced no fear. I smiled and then I stopped. My whole world stopped and that didn't matter at all. This was the end to our twisted metal love and it was perfect.