The Day of the Doctor (Spoilers)

I would be writing this with my face firmly planted against the TV screen as I once again re-watched the truly wonderful 50th special. Alright I said it. I loved it. Let me count the reasons. No seriously let me. Right now would be about the time that if you haven't seen it you quit reading this fine blog or go and check out some old posts until you have seen it. You have been warned.




                                  Have you really seen it?





                                      Ok then.


                                 I believe you.


Ok now that we know you've definitely seen it for real I will tell you about what you've already seen even if you didn't notice it. This should pass the timey wimey nicely. Who talks like that? Let's begin with what we already knew before tuning in. By we I mean the general audience not first time viewers or those with spies at the BBC. We knew that Billie Piper would be back though you may have been surprised to find that she was not  playing Rose Tyler but the BAD WOLF version of herself. I really wasn't. But then again she wasn't really even just playing the BAD WOLF. She was conscience of the Moment which is a weapon which could be used to end the Time War. If you don't know what the Time War is then you both probably aren't a regular and did not see the special. In that case you should really leave.

We also knew David Tennant would be back as the Doctor. He was the only pre-Smith Doctor whose involvement had been acknowledged by the BBC before the episode aired other than John Hurt who we had seen at the end of the series 7 finale and shown to be some sort of forgotten and secret incarnation of the Doctor who had lost the right to be called by that name. Fans (such as myself) who are somewhat more devoted than the general audience may have immediately guessed his role in the canon. A short episode featuring the eighth Doctor's regeneration into the Hurt incarnation prior to joining in the fighting of the Time War cemented this popular theory. His involvement with his future incarnations was unclear. Some thought he might be an active antagonist in the story.

Now that we've gotten the general knowledge out of the way we can finally get to the good stuff. Actually some of the general knowledge was pretty good. Now we get to do one of my favorite. We are making a lists or lists. I haven't decided. Lists are cool. Actually you won't be making the list/lists. You'll be reading the list/lists. Actually I can't make you do anything you don't want to but I would really like you to.

I've decided. I'm making lists. They're only of awesome things.

Best Nostalgic Classic Series References

1 The Classic Title Sequence - This is directly from 1963 with the addition of the BBC logo.

2 Totter's Lane - This is where Susan and her grandfather the Doctor were living during the time she attended school on Earth in 1963.

3 Coal Hill School - This is where Susan attended school and  the Doctor's companions Ian and Barbara taught.  This is also where Clara was found teaching at the start of the special.

4 Ian Chesterton- He was Susan's teacher and one of the first companions to the Doctor. Look who's listed as  the Chairman.

5 W. Coburn - W. Coburn was listed as headmaster at Coal Hill School. James Anthony Coburn wrote the script for An Unearthly Child which to those of you don't know was the first ever televised episode of Doctor Who.

6  "Oh. You've redecorated. I don't like it." - The tenth Doctor sais this to the eleventh and the eleventh has also said this to Craig Owens and on both occasions they were repeating what the second Doctor has said when inside the third Doctor's console room.

7 "wearing a bit thin."- This remark from John Hurt's Doctor calls back to the first Doctor's shared sentiment

8 The return of the zygons. 


9 Osgood - I haven't actually seen anyone catch this yet but Tom Osgood was a member of UNIT and presumably of relation to the young female UNIT employee known as Osgood in the special.

10 Kate Stewart is the Brigadier's daughter. 
10 The tenth Doctor said that he did not like the new TARDIS look. The Second Doctor said the same thing to the third in The Three Doctors.
11 The vortex manipulator's access code was the time and date when the first ever episode of Doctor Who was aired.

   Cool New Series Stuff

1 The fez. David Tennant wears a fez! David Tennants are cool.

 2 The Moment take form of Rose/BAD WOLF. I really can't think of much of better way to demonstrate the importance of Rose's impact on the Doctor's life. I agree it would have been nice just to see Rose interact with Smith and Tennant's Doctor as herself but this served the plot well.

3 TDOD fills in a little bit of the gap before The End of Time.

4 We see Hurt's Doctor turn into the ninth Doctor. That's absolutely fantastic!

5  Captain Jack donated his vortex manipulator to UNIT.

6  River Song's high heels or a pair which look exactly the same are in the Under Gallery.

7 The bit with sonic screwdrivers and the tenth Doctor asking the eleventh if he was compensating.
9 All the other tenth and eleventh moments. They were a brilliant pair. I felt their interactions were very real and the perfect balance between arguing and joking around together.
                          The Actual Plot Stuff/Lists No More
      Ok it's here. I'm actually talking about what happened in the episode. Steven Moffat was really at the top of his game for this one. We open with Clara teaching at the school Susan attended before getting a phone call from the Doctor and rushing off on a motorcycle to join him on the TARDIS. Also I forgot to mention according to the clock that exact moment was also the exact time An Unearthly Child started. They Doctor is reading about Quantum Physics when Clara shows up and he soon starts talking about where they might go. Soon the TARDIS picked up by a crane attached to a UNIT helicopter. The Doctor begins to fall out of the TARDIS and ends up hanging out by his legs. Then he gets a phone call from Kate Stewart explaining that UNIT found his TARDIS and will be taking it to Trafalgar Square and that he needs to meet them there. He does not find this funny.
Soon the Doctor and Clara are presented with a letter from Queen Elizabeth and taken into the National Museum. In the museum the Doctor opens the letter to find the queen has named defender of England and that he is to be summoned when this day comes. The Doctor and Clara are shown three dimensional Gallifreyan paintings with glass broken out from the inside. Figures have escaped from the paintings.
A fissure in time appears bringing the eleventh and tenth Doctors together as the tenth Doctor is stuck figuring out which of two individuals is Queen Elizabeth and which is a zygon impersonating the queen. Theirs some jokes about kissing zygons and the eleventh Doctor having a bigger sonic and then in an attempt to throw his fez through the fissure and back to the museum he sends it to John Hurt's Doctor on Gallifrey who is sent by the Moment to England in 1562 to meet his future selfs.
While the eleventh and tenth Doctors meeting was wonderful enough Hurt throws a new and interesting "character' into the mix. He sais he is looking for the Doctor and assumes that his future selves are his companions. This leads to lots of fun dialogue before soldiers rush in to arrest the Doctors. The eleventh Doctor demands that they be taken to the tower of London.

Then we have a dark scene about remembrance and some humor regarding a door.  This scene highlights the extremes of the Doctor interaction we see in this special. The rest of this story is a beautiful Moffat masterpiece which concludes with a major new storyline and a much loved returning face.