Horny Harry Finds Fantastic Beasts

This post was actually meant to be a Youtube video but my sister kept on ruining it when I was filming. I may have shouted a few choice words. Anyway today I had a half day of school and after school I bought a comic and then went downtown to the bookstore with my friend Brandon Duckworth.

  I was really surprised when I saw this picture of Daniel Radcliffe with these big old horns sticking out of his head and looking sort of sickly on the cover of a magazine. Anyway I opened the magazine and found that he was in a film in which he played a young satanic character. Naturally when I got home I did some research on the movie. I found out that he was in a Canadian film this year called Horns which is based off a book.

  The film is about a man waking up with literal devil horns sticking out of his head. It's supposed to be a kind of dark comedy which gets darker as it goes. It is set to come out in the US in 2014. I for one am really looking forward to it.

 Of course their has been other Harry Potter related news recently. J.K. Rowling has scripted a film set seven years before the events of the first book. It is inspired by the Hogwarts textbook "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" and is supposed to be followed by sequels.  She sais she was approached by Warner Bros about letting them make a film around that idea but wasn't comfortable letting someone else in her world so she agree to write the script herself.

 That was so cool of her. She could have much more easily just taken the money and let them make whatever kind of movie they wanted. Instead she stood by her work and the fans and decided to making something new and almost certainly brilliant. I am really looking forward to seeing more of the Harry Potter world onscreen.

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