11 Things That May Or May Not Happen In The Doctor Who 50th Special


Let's face it the only the way to make good television is to pander to the every whim of millions of fans. If just one of their wishes does materialize onscreen you have failed. So Mr. Moffat I have taken the liberty of compiling a list for you of what must happen in the 50th. Feel free to rewrite and remake the existing special as you see fit.

1 Captain Jack must come back to castrate the Doctor.

2 The Doctor must take part in a musical number with Kermit the frog.

3 The Doctor must decide to take up a life as a crack whore. This is the only way to bring the deep darkness the show has been lacking in back.

4 Ten and Eleven must have a make out session of no less than three minutes.

5 Rose must rape Hitler.

6 William Hartnell must appear. It is important that he make references to the Time War and that he has a role equal to Matt Smith.

7 The Doctor must revisit every single place he has gone on his travels. It is necessary that each setting gets at least half an hour dedicated to it.

8 The Master must return as a black lesbian.

9 The Doctor must arm wrestle Chuck Norris.

10 The daleks must sing karaoke with the cybermen.

11 The Doctor must remember that he was really Elvis Presley all along.

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