#thefourth and Paintings

The newly released and not yet thoroughly discussed video from the BBC known as the fourth can be found here . Aside from the lovely classic quotes and the fourth Doctor's sonic screwdriver (as well as the desk and other small items with no clear meaning) their is but one thing which may be taken real notice of as any indication of it's meaning. That detail being the paintings of the fourth Doctor's friends.

  Of course this could easily be marketing for a Doctor Who themed, musical tooth brush unless you remember that in an interview Matt Smith was quoted as saying “You might see London. The thing is with Who, you will understand it more when you have seen it, but 'paintings' - that is all I am saying. Steven is gonna whup me tomorrow.”

    Isn't it possible that these are at least some of the paintings he was referring to? It sounds very likely to me. Which begs the question of who made the paintings and why. And I have feeling this will all have some sort of link to John Hurt's mystery Doctor.

  Anything amazing is possible with Steven Moffat. I for one am looking eagerly forward to November 23rd and I hope you are as well. Any major news will be reported here on this blog as soon as humanly possible.

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