Goodbye Raggedy Man

Time is the cruel mistress of all including  the great Time Lord himself known simply as the Doctor. The Doctor has since New Year's day 2010 been portrayed by the fantastic, brilliant, funny and emotionally well versed Matt Smith. His Doctor has a firm hold on both my hearts and I don't believe he will ever let go. However all things must end.

  Matt Smith will no longer be the Doctor after this year's Christmas special following the 50th anniversary special with David Tennant and John Hurt. It is likely he is heading to a place familiar to whovians which is known as Trenzalore and appears to be where he is destined to fall.

 I can't say I know much about the future of Doctor Who but I do know that whoever follows Matt Smith will need to be three Hawkings and an Einstein past brilliant if they want to even come close to Matt Smith's  wonderful portrayal. Matt Smith's Doctor is cool.

  His Doctor's life began in a crashing TARDIS. From their he ended up in a little Scottish girl named Amelia Pond's backyard and in his timey wimey way left and within ten minutes managed to meet her ten years later. He also met her "kind of" boyfriend and discovered a bit about her life. After defeating some bad guys and finding his one true love in bow ties he would disappear again returning two years later  to take Amelia (who now calls herself Amy) on adventures through time and space.

  They would later be joined by Amy's "kind of" boyfriend Rory who had become her fianc√©. He  initially acted as a source of comic relief and emotional tension but would soon become one of the Doctor's best friends.  At the end of Matt Smith's first season Amy and Rory married but still continued to travel with him in the TARDIS.

   The next season started off with the future Doctor's supposed death at the hands of an "impossible astronaut" in Utah. The season would revolve around that event largely focusing on Amy and Rory not being able to inform the Doctor of what they had witnesses for fear of creating dangerous time paradoxes. The truth would slowly be made clear to the Doctor. After a particularly dangerous adventure in which the Doctor had made a new friend before witnessing her death he would buy the Pond's a home and  car before leaving them to live normal human lives in a safe environment without him.

  Without companions and believing his death was fast approaching the Doctor went to see Craig who was an old friend he had made last season while posing as a human lodger. He found that Craig was caring for his baby while Sophie his romantic partner and the mother to the child was away. The Doctor also found that his old enemies the cybermen were invading nearby. He took it upon himself to protect humanity one last time. Craig convinced the Doctor to allow him to help and in the end it was Craig's love for his son Stormageddon/ Alfie that defeated the cybermen. To put it simply he blew them up with love.

  The Doctor then went on a mission to discover why the silence which he believed to be a specie but were in fact a religious order wanted him dead. He faked his death using a shape shifting robot controlled by miniaturized people who felt they owed him a favor. He was then given a prophecy by Dorium Maldovar's severed head which went like this; “On the Fields of Trenzalore, on the Fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked. A question that must never ever be answered.”

  The screaming shouting Dorium revealed the question to "doctor who?" and the Doctor left to pursue new adventures without his companions. He would soon find himself on a spaceship about to attack the Earth with his finger on a button. When he removed his finger from the button the spaceship exploded and he was barely able to escape in a spacesuit. He even ended up putting his helmet on backwards.

He crashes to the Earth and ended up in a new formed crater in England at the beginning of the Second World War. He was found by the wife and mother Madge Arwell who helped him locate his TARDIS and leave. He wishing to repay the debt told he to make a wish if she ever needed anything.

  Soon her husband went off to war and not very long afterwards a message arrived informing her that he was dead. It was just before Christmas and she could not bring herself to tell her children and likely ruin the holiday for them forever. She decided to tell them after the Christmas period had ended and she and her two children went to stay at a home that belonged to their old uncle Digby.

There the Doctor was acting as housekeeper and tried to bring the children the best possible Christmas. He gave a portal to another dimension as a present and placed it in a box under the Christmas tree. However one of the children unable to wait for Christmas day opened the box and found himself in a seemingly magical, snowy, alien forest.  Their he found himself in danger and soon his sister, the Doctor and their mother would follow after.

    At the conclusion of the episode the episode the children's father was completely fine and the Madge Arwell forced the Doctor to go see Amy and Rory and tell them he wasn't really dead.  He arrived at their home to find only a few years had passed since he had last seen them and they had set a plate for him at their Christmas dinner.  He would soon find that their daughter River Song had informed them of his continued existence and while Amy was slightly angry with him this soon passed and both Amy and Rory welcomed him into their home.


  In the first half of his third season he would meet Clara Oswin Oswald for what he believed to be the first time as a girl who had been transformed into a dalek. He would also loose both Amy and Rory to the weeping angels who zapped them back in time while in New York creating a fixed point meaning the Doctor could never see them again.

The Doctor attempted to retire from heroics and moved his TARDIS onto the top of a cloud in Victorian England where with the help of his friends Madame Vastra (A silurian woman) Jenny (Her human lover) and Strax (their sontaran butler) remained for a time concealed from the world.

  He would encounter Clara Oswin Oswald again while traveling by foot near a bar in London where they were attacked by killer snowmen under the control of the Great Intelligence. He would initially be unwilling to do anything more than directly prevent Clara from dying but Madama Vastra  would  conduct a one wonder answer test on Clara. Madame Vastra said that she was looking for one word that would convince the Doctor to help. She answered Pond. She was not in fact referring to Amy and Roy but this still did the trick and the Doctor returned to world saving.

  At the end of this episode this version of Clara Oswin Oswald fell from the Doctor's cloud and died. As the Doctor stood at her grave he made the connection between this version and her dalek counterpart and went off to discover another version of her and why their was more than one in the universe to begin with. His quest would take him to modern day London where he would save a different version of Clara from alien's which lived in the Wi-Fi and were controlled by the Great Intelligence.

  After defeating the aliens and saving many lives the Doctor took Clara on as a companion. He would not discover very much at all about her secret until one day he discovered everything. Clara was brought into a mental conference call with Vastra, Strax, Jenny and River Song while unconscious. There it was revealed that something involving the Doctor had been discovered and a death row serial killer had given Vastra coordinates to save his neck.

 The killer had said; "The Doctor has a secret he will take to the grave. And it is discovered." All involved in the conference call other than River Song initially misinterpreted the words and as she began to correct them Jenny was murdered in her sleep by the mysterious whispermen who then attacked Strax and Vastra. The conference call ended and Clara woke up. She told the Doctor everything.

The Doctor broke into tears. He revealed that what had been discovered was not his secret but was in fact his grave from the future and this one place a time traveler was never supposed to go. He extracted the coordinates Clara's mind and they soon arrived at a battlefield graveyard on the planet Trenzalore. There they found the Doctor's tomb which was his dead TARDIS which had greatly grown on the outside.

On Trenzalore they were confronted by the Great Intelligence and it was discovered that all that was left of the Doctor in the future was a sort of time tunnel created by all the damage created by his journey through the universe and sometimes outside of it. The Great Intelligence knowing he would die stepped into the Doctor's time portal and dispersed himself through the Doctor's timeline hoping to kill him many time and reverse his every victory.

   In one last attempt to save the Doctor and by extension most everything that ever existed ever existed or ever would Clara stepped into the time portal and had herself split into multiple versions throughout time and space. She went on to advise the first Doctor on what TARDIS to steal and at least briefly encounter every other incarnation.

   To save Clara the Doctor entered into his own time stream and found Clara in a strange dark place filled different past versions of him running around. He convinced her to walk to him and as he got hold of her a figure appeared. Clara asked who it was and the Doctor told her that it was him. She told him that he was the eleventh Doctor and she had seen all his other faces but not this one. He stated that this man was the him but not the Doctor because being the Doctor was keeping a promise to himself which he had broken. This different Doctor turned himself revealing himself as the actor John Hurt.

 Now we have two more specials left in Matt Smith's epic era of Doctor Who. Many surprises as well as well as quite a bit of laughter and tears are sure to be in store for us.


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