A Vlogbrothers Style Google Search Thing on Aspies

Ok to those of you who know about the Vlogbrothers you probably know about their google search videos in which they answer questions frequently asked on Google. Today I shall be doing this. My search term is "do aspies....(aspies= those with Asperger's syndrome ). My main qualification for answering these questions is that I myself am an aspie.

  Question 1

Do aspies miss people?

Question 2

Do aspies look different?

Question 3

Do aspies cry?

Question 4

Do aspies cheat?

Answer 1

Yes they do. Sometimes it can be harder to form meaningful connections with others but it is doubtful that any have no ability to care for others. A new theory is that we over empathize. It seems
true for me.

Answer 2

We generally look like "normal" people. While we may be prone to variations in body language and in some cases how we dress.  We are not actually aliens.

Answer 3

While I believe some do not cry  for me it can be more common than I would like.

Answer 4

Yes and no. All different kinds of people cheat whether it be referring to a test or relationship. Some do and some don't.



Cold War

The most recent episode of Doctor Who has in my eyes been a great success. It felt very creepy and and had a great atmosphere. I myself had only ever heard of the Ice Warriors before and now have a strong desire to watch their earlier episodes. If you want to see truly great Doctor Who watch Cold War.