I have just created a new Youtube account. My account name is Fenric42ofEvil and so far I've posted exactly one video.  This video features me immitating a person who is transforming into a werewolf and I think it comes across as a bit silly and perhaps a bit creepy. If  you were looking for something that looked more like a "real" transformation and less like an attempt to distract a teacher then this video may have disappointed you.

    I am hoping to be putting up some new more well thought out material soon. It will hopefully be filmed with  a better camera. I have a few interesting video ideas. I am considering film a trivia question contest between two or three of this blog's writers and having whoever gets a question wrong sing a letter of the alphabet while doing an interpretive dance if physically possible until Z is reached. Another possible video would feature myself or a friend dressed as the tenth Doctor (possibly eleventh) reenacting some of the dialogue from the modern classic "Blink". I may also do something which I have wanted to do for a very long time and make a "Nerd Off" video.

  If any of you have any ideas about how I could make a video which you would enjoy then please gather your thoughts and tell me about them in the comments. If you can give me your name I will credit your contribution. I look forward to hearing from you. If this post or anything else you've seen on this blog has sparked your interest please become a follower. Have a good night. 
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