The Real Problem With Syfy

Ok. We all know that television can be amazing. As a four eyed nerd  I relish the idea of a channel which is solely dedicated to scifi and fantasy as well as horror and that is what the Scifi channel used to be back before things went wrong.

  Don't get me wrong I do enjoy the channel. "Lost Girl" is an interesting program even if it is not seared into my brain the way "Doctor Who" is and their is a yearly "Twilight Zone" marathon to mark the coming of a new year. Their are many other things which this channel can be praised for including its reality/contest series "Face Off" which I (a largely "reality" avoiding television viewer) have found quite enjoyable but their are some  issues worthy to complain about.

  A major beef I have with the current direction of the network (which I frequently bring up to anyone who will listen) is that professional wrestling airs on it. Can you honestly say that this programming fits with things like "Merlin", "Warehouse 13" the upcoming "Defiance" and other legitimate Science Fiction and Fantasy television? Do you know what would really fit with the dream channel I remember from when I was younger? The answer is as always "Doctor Who."

  "Doctor Who" is the perfect example of the sort of fantastic original programming which the channel in question should be at least almost completely compromised. I don't need those disappointing ghost investigation things. Sadly "Doctor Who" was dropped by Syfy several years. New episodes are now only available on American television through BBC America. The Syfy channel has not fully crushed my geeky hopes and next month it will be airing a quite exciting new series.

is brand new series it titled "Defiance" and focuses on a version in which their has been a war between a war between humans and aliens and now we live side by side not entirely peacefully. I personally think it looks to a promising series and I plan to be watching very soon.

This should take you to the trailer.,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNEQipDAUH7szlztvHz3emL82fGP_A&ust=1363156841637399
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