The Doctor, in The TARDIS, Next Stop Everywhere, With Pictures

Ok! A television series is typically made up of seasons/series which are made up of episodes. Episodes  may carry on a storyline or concept to an eventual climax. "Doctor Who" has reached such a climax with the departure of the Ponds. In fact it has moved on to the story of Clara Oswin Oswald and her improbability.

  The BBC has released fourteen images which should provide a glimpse of what is to come. While Moffat and the "gang" almost certainly have numerous surprises in store for us when season 7/32 of "Doctor Who" returns to our screens with "The Bells of St. John".

The following are some of the images which may also be found at

An image from ‘Doctor Who’s’ ‘The Bells of St. John’

The Doctor and Clara are likely confronting a foe or perhaps not.

Doctor Who: The Bells Of St. John — New Images
This is almost certainly from the Ice Warriors episode.

An image from ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘The Bells of St. John’
Funny, I thought the man resembled some sort of stand in for David Tennant as the tenth Doctor. This is very clearly not the case.

Doctor Who: The Bells Of St. John — New Images
        The Doctor appears to be troubled by something.

The   remainder of the images can be found at This blog will very likely be featuring more important news about "Doctor Who" likely relating to its upcoming 50th birthday. Until next time. Live long and don't regenerate.


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