The Death of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, my amazing crawfish has died this week. He now swims through the streams of the Great Perhaps (read Looking for Alaska). Sadly though his namesake was a famous physicist/inventor he hadn't even finished designing his first computer when he passed, nine months after his capture in the Cherry River in Richwood, WV.  The Cause of death was likely the amount of nourishment given to him by my brother while I was unable to feed him due to a knee surgery I underwent

  Anyway to mark the occasion of my more or less faithful pet's passing I thought I might share with you folks a few Nikola Tesla related links and a couple Tesla related pictures. If you enjoy like what you see feel to follow and or comment. I will try to respond to any and all comments. This is a ridiculous rap battle between Tesla and his perhaps more famous rival Edison. It has great picture for something recorded in the 1880's. This is a link to a music video for 8in8's love song "Nikola Tesla."If you like those videos feel free to support the channels by following them.

  The following is a picture of Tesla the man.,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNFtaEQDUfBG8PD-czJqe2EWQXrn4g&ust=1364062987058005

And this is a picture of a crawfish resembling my Tesla.,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNG_E7PBlyar4-43GlrwGwKyfGAScg&ust=1364063074758623

  Thanks for reading. I hope you choose to do so again. Enjoy the rest of your life.


New Doctor Who Trailer

A new "Doctor Who" trailer for series seven part two has been released today. It features Warwick Davis,(apparently as a character known as Porridge) Matt Smith (as the Doctor) and Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara Oswin Oswald).  I won't give any major spoilers but I suspect the forest featured in the trailer bellow may be the much discussed fields of Trenzalore. Without further ado, here it is.'




The Real Problem With Syfy

Ok. We all know that television can be amazing. As a four eyed nerd  I relish the idea of a channel which is solely dedicated to scifi and fantasy as well as horror and that is what the Scifi channel used to be back before things went wrong.

  Don't get me wrong I do enjoy the channel. "Lost Girl" is an interesting program even if it is not seared into my brain the way "Doctor Who" is and their is a yearly "Twilight Zone" marathon to mark the coming of a new year. Their are many other things which this channel can be praised for including its reality/contest series "Face Off" which I (a largely "reality" avoiding television viewer) have found quite enjoyable but their are some  issues worthy to complain about.

  A major beef I have with the current direction of the network (which I frequently bring up to anyone who will listen) is that professional wrestling airs on it. Can you honestly say that this programming fits with things like "Merlin", "Warehouse 13" the upcoming "Defiance" and other legitimate Science Fiction and Fantasy television? Do you know what would really fit with the dream channel I remember from when I was younger? The answer is as always "Doctor Who."

  "Doctor Who" is the perfect example of the sort of fantastic original programming which the channel in question should be at least almost completely compromised. I don't need those disappointing ghost investigation things. Sadly "Doctor Who" was dropped by Syfy several years. New episodes are now only available on American television through BBC America. The Syfy channel has not fully crushed my geeky hopes and next month it will be airing a quite exciting new series.

is brand new series it titled "Defiance" and focuses on a version in which their has been a war between a war between humans and aliens and now we live side by side not entirely peacefully. I personally think it looks to a promising series and I plan to be watching very soon.

This should take you to the trailer.,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNEQipDAUH7szlztvHz3emL82fGP_A&ust=1363156841637399



I have just created a new Youtube account. My account name is Fenric42ofEvil and so far I've posted exactly one video.  This video features me immitating a person who is transforming into a werewolf and I think it comes across as a bit silly and perhaps a bit creepy. If  you were looking for something that looked more like a "real" transformation and less like an attempt to distract a teacher then this video may have disappointed you.

    I am hoping to be putting up some new more well thought out material soon. It will hopefully be filmed with  a better camera. I have a few interesting video ideas. I am considering film a trivia question contest between two or three of this blog's writers and having whoever gets a question wrong sing a letter of the alphabet while doing an interpretive dance if physically possible until Z is reached. Another possible video would feature myself or a friend dressed as the tenth Doctor (possibly eleventh) reenacting some of the dialogue from the modern classic "Blink". I may also do something which I have wanted to do for a very long time and make a "Nerd Off" video.

  If any of you have any ideas about how I could make a video which you would enjoy then please gather your thoughts and tell me about them in the comments. If you can give me your name I will credit your contribution. I look forward to hearing from you. If this post or anything else you've seen on this blog has sparked your interest please become a follower. Have a good night. 


The Doctor, in The TARDIS, Next Stop Everywhere, With Pictures

Ok! A television series is typically made up of seasons/series which are made up of episodes. Episodes  may carry on a storyline or concept to an eventual climax. "Doctor Who" has reached such a climax with the departure of the Ponds. In fact it has moved on to the story of Clara Oswin Oswald and her improbability.

  The BBC has released fourteen images which should provide a glimpse of what is to come. While Moffat and the "gang" almost certainly have numerous surprises in store for us when season 7/32 of "Doctor Who" returns to our screens with "The Bells of St. John".

The following are some of the images which may also be found at

An image from ‘Doctor Who’s’ ‘The Bells of St. John’

The Doctor and Clara are likely confronting a foe or perhaps not.

Doctor Who: The Bells Of St. John — New Images
This is almost certainly from the Ice Warriors episode.

An image from ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘The Bells of St. John’
Funny, I thought the man resembled some sort of stand in for David Tennant as the tenth Doctor. This is very clearly not the case.

Doctor Who: The Bells Of St. John — New Images
        The Doctor appears to be troubled by something.

The   remainder of the images can be found at This blog will very likely be featuring more important news about "Doctor Who" likely relating to its upcoming 50th birthday. Until next time. Live long and don't regenerate.