What Do They Think You Are?

 This is life. What your experiencing right now is your life. Can you imagine so many people live such similiar lives in a world where such individuality exists. The world has truths and lies and philosopies and the truth is always in the mind not necessarily in the body. It can be terrifying to think that your own individuality is seen so clearly and despised. what if everyone really knew what went on inside your head and didn't just look down on you because you were different but because of how you were different?

  The truth is normality exists because people need to know what should be expected and what works best in the game of survival. People don't really know what's actually in your head. They know their is somethings and that terrifies them. Zombies don't last long against vampires.

  People expect what they've seen and the ignorant see little and expect little.  They attack a man's mind for they see thoughts as weapons and they attack a man's pain because they have seen the lonely man hold the knife and through this they create the reality of their continual nightmare. You are not what they mold form you into with the stones they throw at your back. You may become what you look forward to  as you leave the idiots behind. If you act as they expect then you are throwing the next stone at the next "weird" kid who everyone knows is going to end up just like you. I ask you ask the vampires of this world to be generous to the zombies and to defend yourself with your wit expanding  the minds of the brain eaters.
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