The Snowmen and What Is To Come

"Doctor who" is returning in two days and as it in my opinion should be we know only a few basic details of the plot. What we do know is that Jenna Louise Coleman ( also seen as Oswin Oswald in "Asylum of the Daleks") will be returning apparently as a character named Clara who will be the new companion.  Richard E. Grant will be featured as the main antagonist Dr. Simeon who is somehow plotting to destroy or conquer the world with snow/ snow creatures during the Victorian era.
       Some fan favorite characters will be returning. Strax the lovable clone warrior alien who was apparently slain during the Battle of Demon's Run while protecting Melody Pond is going to be acting as the manservant of Vastra and Jenny cross-species lesbian lovers who also took part in the battle. Vastra is a lizard woman and detective who apparently killed and ate Jack the Ripper and Jenny is an intelligent human female.

       In this episode the Doctor will be in a funk after having lost his companions who he had loved greatly and and the Strax, Vastra and Jenny trio will attempt to cheer him up. Ultimately it appears the new companion is the only one who can cheer him up. This will lead into second half of the seventh season of the revived series and to the 50th anniversary. Their will be a new tardis  interior and Neil Gaiman has written a second episode and it will feature the terrifying cybermen Moffat has had Stephen Thompson write an episode called  "Journey to The Centre of The Tardis"  written and according to the writer it is pretty much what it sais in the title. We can look forward to a very surprising and entertaining year of Who and a spectacular 50th anniversary.
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