Math Vs. Mind

I am an aspie with significantly above average IQ and an extreme ability to store large amounts of information on things which interest me however I have great difficulty with math. Occasionally I hit on a mathematical concept which I understand rather quickly and easily but usually it takes a lot of time and it just doesn't feel natural.

    I think the reason might be that I want to take in information that feels like real information.  I know what you are likely thinking is that I'm a thick headed oaf who doesn't understand the importance of math but the truth is I do. I understand that math allows one to prove or disprove a scientific concept or more practically make a schedule, plan your diet etc. I am fascinated by science and know quite a bit about various scientific fields and I greatly appreciate what math has done to improve upon it and make it clear I just simply find it easier to understand with out the numbers. I like all the complex concepts that help us understand the world around us.

     I believe in an extremely beautiful world and I can understand what I know about it like an organism which grows and works as one. If anyone has similiar or opposing views please share them in the comments.
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