Halfway Out Of The Dark

As I sit in a gymnasium I would once have been terified of while healing from a dislocated knee cap I eagerly await the return of "Doctor Who" with "The Snowmen" Christmas special. I aslo look forward to some more common Christmas traditions such as the giving and the receiving of presents and the consumption of large quantities of nourishment.

      As many of you may know Christmas is an ancient tradition with various equivalents throughout the world and perhaps on other that draws largely from pagan beliefs. Interestingly enough many of you so called Christmas experts are unfamiliar with the most important holiday creature known widely as the Krampus. If you are a naughtly little or girl residing in Austria or Germany among other countries a large hairy beast will visit you and eat you in your sleep while his master commonly known as Santa Claus will only take your cookies.

     Do not fear for I am certain that you dear reader are a brave and generous soul who shall receive many a deserved gift. After all as a bitter old man once said before he got all timey wimey "We're are halfway out of the  dark.

Now have a merry New Year and a happy Christmas though possibly not in that order.
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