Doctor Who the Movie and Why I Love It

As many scifi buff might tell you when it comes to their favorite series they have very strong opinions. Whovians are no different.  We tend to have a favorite actor (mine being Matt Smith, followed by Tennant, followed by either Troughton or Tom Baker) as well as one or more favorite stories ( A few of my top picks. 1 "The Doctor's Wife" 2 "The End Of Time" 3 "Dalek" 4 "The Eleventh Hour") and there are some stories which certain fans strongly dislike. While I admit some episodes of the new and classic series miss part of the reason I obsess over the show I find in general it is a very wonderful series which will hopefully still be going centuries from now. One story  in particular which certain viewers (The amazing Neil Gaim for one) is the 1996 tv movie featuring Paul McGann as the fantastic Doctor  and Eric Roberts as his foe the Master.
 I own the dvd and have watched it between five eight times most likely and I can say while I would have most likely have a made a very different film it is pretty good and while the Master is a bit different from what many fans would expect he is pretty interesting and sort of scary. What turns a lot of fans away from the film is a major deviation in the storyline in the original series because if you're willing to believe it in the film it states the Doctor is half human on his mother's side. When watching the film you can either choose to ignore this detai (which will become difficult)  accept it as only affecting the cannon of the film (which gets confusing) or some other third thing which you can think up yourself. To conclude while it may not be to everyones liking the film  is well worth watching.

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